Friday, April 30, 2010

A Cute Survey

Casey at JerkCake tagged me in this survey. I love it :)

3 names I go by:
1. Katie - My actual name is Rachel, but I have been a Katie since birth.
2. Mama
3. Kate

3 jobs I have had:
1. Customer Service at a postal place
2. Substitute teacher
3. Office manager

3 places I have lived:
1. Portland, OR - I will live there again someday
2. Gilbert, AZ
3. Queen Creek, AZ

3 Favorite drinks:
1. Water
2. Green Tea with raw sugar
3. Lemonade

3 TV shows I watch: I don't have a tv in my apartment, so I only watch the computer :)
1. Porject Runway
2. Big Love - on dvd
3. The L Word - on dvd

3 places I have been:
1. Paris
2. Ikast, Denmark
3. Cape Cod

3 place I would like to go: Oh my, there are so many...
1. Prague
2. Alaska
3. Australia

3 favorite retro TV shows
1. Hey Dude
2. Roseanne - does that count?
3. Care Bears

3 favorite dishes:
1. No Harm Chicken Parm from Green
2. Homemade Caesar Salad
3. Homemade Veggie Bake

3 things I am looking forward to:
1. The vegan bakesale tomorrow/meeting Rikki
2. Going to a private meditation class with my mom. We won it at an auction :)
3. Getting all of my craft swap goodies from Janel's craft swap.

3 people I am tagging:
1. Krystal at Krackle
2. Kellie at On The Brink of Something Beautiful
3. Cat at No Wodden Spoons

Thanks for thinking of me Casey!


  1. today is the day! are you excited? I sure am. see you soon!

  2. Oh man! I am so jealous of the two of you! I want to meet and hang out!
    I said it before and I'll say it again-take a photograph of the two of you to send to me please!!
    Aww...I hope you guys have so much fun.

  3. im jealous too i want to meet all of you ladies!!!
    oh wow---i LOVED hey dude. i tried to find it on youtube, but couldnt really find that many
    for the longest time i wanted to go to prague...i heard it was what paris looked like a long time ago. so im thinking yay romantic city. i was a little disappointed. everyone else on my trip loved it though. i think it was just mainly that we stayed in the outskirts and that was scary. but its history is amazing and the main square is actually quite romantic. :) i hope you get to go one day and that you lovelovelove it.

  4. Um, okay so jealous you've been to Paris. I love green tea with honey or raw sugar as well. And, I love your blog!

  5. My birthday is on the 8th too. How funny.

  6. Have fun on your meet! And thanks for sharing fun details about yourself :)

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    Very nice blog you have and I hope to make a new friend!