Friday, April 30, 2010

Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

There isn't one single thing that I don't love about this movie.

I discovered my beloved Kevin in this movie.

Who doesn't love the Goonies? When we lived in Oregon I was so excited to go to Astoria where this was set.

Oh Kiefer, you were one of my first crushes. Plus, I love the soundtrack.

I just love everything about this movie.

Infinitely quotable, "Chopper, Sic balls!"

Pure cinema magic. The Dude, Walter, Jesus...

I just think the love story of this movie is so beautiful. Everyone's idea of love isn't always the best kind of love.

Such a bad B movie, but it has my undying devotion. There are times when
I will finish it and start it all over again.

Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney and Kate Winslet all in one movie that is against the
death penalty. It really doesn't get any better for me.

Tim Curry kills me in this one, so much scarier than almost any other killer.

I just love Rob Zombie's style


Cheesy dancing and 80's music. YES!

Enid is my hero. I like the comic but I LOVE the movie.

I just wanted to be Maddy in this movie. I know that probably seems crazy,
but something about her character resonated with me.

As I have mentioned before, I can quote this entire movie. I have seen it 8,727 times.

I saw this movie when I was like 12 with my cousin and it scared the bejesus out of me.

I just talked about my boyfriend David in Wednesday Wishes.
I love him and I am utterly in love with this movie.
I know this one was long and rather pointless, but once I got started I just couldn't stop. It isn't a complete list, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I love.
Happy Friday!


  1. I LOVE Tank Girl (and Jet Girl too!). I actually caught this movie on tv last month and I had to stop and watch it. I kinda like Lori Petty.
    I've never seen The Usual Suspects (Don't kill me!)
    Everyone loves the Goonies (Never say die!)
    Oh Keifer Sutherland (and the maggot noodles? I loved that!)
    I've never seen TransAmerica either.
    The first time I watched Stand By Me was with Nektarios. It is one of his favorite movies. Boys are cute. (same goes for Big Lebowski) .
    I will always be a James Spader fan and I just loved Secretary. I watched it three time in the course of two days when I first rented it.
    I have never seen The Life of David Gale either. Man I need to watch more movies.
    I LOVE Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Anyone?!) and he was so good in It (though clowns are pretty fucking scary.)
    I love love love the gory violence in Devils Rejects. If only Brian Posehn didn't die so quickly...
    Halloween- do I really even need to say anything?
    Ha! Girls just wanna have that the one with Nick Cage in it? Nektarios made me watch this one with him too.
    I'm one of the girls that really likes Daniel Clowes so I prefer the graphic novel over the movie. The movie is cute though.
    I love foxfire because it has one of my girlfriends in it (Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley) Plus the whole girl things was pretty awesome. I always wanted friends like that.
    Clue. 'Nuff said.
    Really?! Aprils Fools Day scarred you? Well, I guess when you are twelve it can be pretty scary.
    Oh David...I think I said what needed to be said about him before. He is pretty great.
    So- it looks like I have to catch up on my movie watching-ness. Any other suggestions?

  2. Woah- sorry for the longest comment ever!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing~ I think we have extremely similar tastes! I'll have to watch the few I have not seen!
    You rock! :)

  4. yes yes and yes! I love most of these, I like to say I am a lil' bit Enid from Ghost World.

  5. hahaha i think you calling david your boyfriend is awesome! is your hubby jealous? hehe

    i loooooove this post. i have a lot that i need to add to netflix cause ive never seen them. however, clue, girls just wanna have fun, stand by me, and the life of david gale were pretty awesome. esp the first 2- i watch them all the time!!!!