Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishes and a little more...

Thank you to everyone for their positive, supportive comments on my last post. Today's post is all about happy things :) It is wish time!

1. I wish Hydrangea's would grow in my backyard the way they did in Portland. They made me smile every single time I saw them.

2. I wish my hair was this color. I wish I had the money to do this right now because I think it is gorgeous!

3. I wish I had a kite that actually flew :) See further down in my post for the back story on this one.

5. I wish I had a frame for this most supremely awesome print that I have. Mine is actually slightly different, there is a political party logo on the helmet of the one I own, but I couldn't find a graphic of it. Anyway, we picked it up in Seattle right before we moved back to AZ and have never purchased a frame.

6. I wish I could have lunch with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I would say, "Phil, you are the raddest actor around, after Kevin of course. I love that you can play any character from Truman Capote to a priest to that guy who sharted. Please be my very best friend." And yes, at our lunch I would call him Phil because that's how I roll.

The following pictures are from my families latest weak attempt to fly kites. We are so very bad, but we had such a good time. P.S. It was like 65 here today after being 95 yesterday. AZ weather is strange.

Mama trying to make the kite go high. It didn't work out.

Aunt Tiffy trying to make the kite go high. It also didn't work out.

John trying to make the kite go high. Poor kid, he never stood a chance :)
We were all laughing so hard. It was great!

Finally, here is a picture of the father and son camp out. They spent the whole night out there and had a great time :)
Happy Wednesday!
P.S. Check out Courtney, Kellie, Tiffany and Liz's blogs to see their wishes too!


  1. hey!!

    i never got your email about pen pals! I would LOVE to be yours!
    can you give me your email address or email your address? I will send a letter pronto!

  2. Ugh! I LOVE Phil! He was so funny in Capote (not funny but you know...I also REALLY love Clifton Collins Jr. ) and just plain awesome in Boogie Nights (even though I don't really like that movie)
    I love these posts with your photos in it-you should do more!
    Oh-and I got your gift! It was awesome and came at the perfect time. I didn't get any pen pal letters and Nick was totally jet lagged and slept all day and then out of the blue this package appeared! Perfect timing.