Sunday, April 4, 2010

Craaaaaazy Weekend (Very Photo Heavy)

I had such a busy weekend. It was so much work, and fun, but I am exhausted! I took so many pictures but tried to pick just my favorites to post here. Earlier in the week we got irrigation and John had a blast playing in all the water. That is what the picture above is from. We spent all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday getting ready and decorating. My mom, who my sister calls Aunt Peggy (we have different moms), came over and helped decorate. She was our "idea lady." We spent probably 4 or 5 hours working on this giant decorative Mardi Gras mask. By the end we were a little giddy :)

The cake table. My little sister made the cake topper. Her mom was going crazy yelling at us to keep the cats and dogs locked up away from the table. My family is sadistic enough that every one of us fantasized about knocking that cake over just to make her nuts. haha

The birthday girl before she got ready. I will have to post a picture of her after she got all dressed up. She looked stunning. It is almost hard to believe we are related.

My mom and husband dressed up as fortune tellers and did all the guests fortunes. It was hilarious because some of the kids thought we hired a real fortune teller. Again, I have to go to my sisters computer to get pics of how they looked, but this is their station all decorated.
Just a sign that we made.

We used black sheeting to cover the side of my dads shop. My mom and I painted it to look like the side of an old building. PS. that is my son's pink tricycle. We don't really abide by gender rules around here, so if we find toys that he likes and they are pink, we just make them our own.

We made the Mississippi River out of pool cover material and balloons. It was really cool.

My mom and I made little water creatures out of foam to go in the river. This one is a lobster/crayfish thing.

John decided it would be a good idea to take a rest in a cooler that he filled with water. It was a brilliant way to cool down after a lot of hard work. :)

One of the little canopies. It was actually just an Easy Up that we use for camping, but my dad and Josh rigged electric to them. It turned out really classy. We also filled about 150 balloons, literally. It took hours.

The mask when it was hung up.

Teenagers were everywhere! It was a little overwhelming. Luckily, her friends are all really sweet so everything was really easy.
Then, this morning we got up and tore everything down. Josh and John went over to Josh's mom's house for Easter. His mother and I don't really get along (which was recently emphasized when she cut John's hair without asking us) so I stayed home. It was really hard, but probably less uncomfortable for all of us.
When they got back we all loaded up and went to his dad's house.

Josh and John playing some dance game on the wii.

Then we came home and John did a mini Easter egg hunt and got his Easter basket. I put some Newman O's in the Easter eggs that he hunted for, and every time he found one he would say, " Oh...Newman O!" It was fun to celebrate with him now that he is old enough to enjoy it. Unfortunately, we are all so tired it wasn't a very exciting Easter.
So, that was our weekend. Josh starts his new job tomorrow and we are very excited about that. It will be nice to have a little bit of money again. I hope everyone else had a great weekend. Did you do anything fun?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Ok- First of all, as soon as I saw the pink bike in the first photo I knew it was your sons and I knew that you (for a million other reasons!) were an awesome genderless momma. Then two paragraphs later you say the exact same thing I was thinking! You are awesome.
    Then I looked at a close-up of your second photo and man! your wedding ring looks pretty fucking huge! Is that a glare or are you secretly a millionaire?! He he.
    All of your decorations looks really lovely and amazing! I hope that your sister had the best-est sweet sixteen ever!
    I love that you guys spend time as a family playing video games! Guitar Hero/Rock Band is a must have when my family gets together.

    You seem to happy and totally less stressed this week-It seems like things are going great for you! That's totally awesome and you deserve it. I am hoping to send out your journal this week (don't quote me on that though!)

  2. wow that huge mask and cake is awesome!!very creative!!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! oh and I agree Guirtar Hero/Rock Band and even Wii is s much fun to play with family!
    Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. Okay, 1. you have the most adorable son everrr. 2. that cake looks really fabulous. 3. your sister is so lucky, that looked like a mad sweet 16. I'm jealous. 4. I promise I am sending your letter today!! I had a crazy weekend as well lol

  4. What a great big sister you are! I bet she really really was thankful to have such a fun, creative sis to help out with making her special day so much more memorable ;) I had a crazy weekend too. It feels so good to be busy though, doesn't it? If only we could run on coffee all day and night, that would make everything so much better!

  5. The party looks like it was so much fun, I loved all the creative ideas y'all had! Your little boy looked like he had a great Easter. We don't get along with my husbands mom very well either, so I understand how uncomfortable it can be sometimes. Luckily we live 19 hours away haha!