Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hello Wednesday! Where did you come from? It feels like I was just doing last week's post :)

1. I know I posted this exact same picture last week, but I have a problem. I actually did dye my hair blue, using Manic Panic. However, my hair is not blue it is still brown with a few faint blue streaks. So sad. So, my wish is to have actual blue hair the next time I dye my hair blue.
2. I wish David Bowie would take me to the Goblin City. David, no one can rock Tina Turner hair and high heeled boots the way you can :)

3. I wish one of my cars had reliable, working air. It is getting pretty freaking hot and my kid looks like a lobster when we have to go somewhere in the middle of the day. P.S. Yes, that is my actual car with an actual Christmas tree and lumber sticking out of the sun roof. That is how we do it in the Ventura family.


4. This is a long wish...I wish (a) I had never shown John Nemo. He doesn't watch TV EVER except when he is doing his nightly breathing treatment. I was so tired of Thomas that I put Nemo in my dads TV. He was absolutely terrified of this damn fish. Which leads to part (b) that John was not so horrified of the dark. He is currently sleeping with a light, nightlight and the blinds open because it is to dark otherwise. This leads to part (c) that whoever thought putting the above image in a children's movie was a good idea would be tarred/feathered/quartered and burned.
Pics from my day....

I can mark playing in the sprinklers off of my to do list. P.S. I know that John looks like the most corporatized child on earth in these pictures. I promise that I don't regularly dress him in a hard rock shirt, it is just his outside shirt. As for the hat and the Woody doll, my sister got them and John loves them so what is a mother to do :)

Our garden is coming along nicely!

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! Don't forget to check out Courtney, Kellie and Liz's wishes :)


  1. Love your wishes! Goblin King = HOT! I love that movie!


  2. Ugh! Isn't Labyrinth one of the most awesome-est movies ever?! I jut love David Bowie.
    I also went to Sally to look at Manic Panic- I am almost there...soon I hope!
    Oh yeah- I just got a car last summer with working air (Ive never had that before!) so I feel your pain on the whole no air thing.

    p.s. WTF Arizona?! Your laws are silly. Rikki and Katie are going to kick your ass. Grrr.

  3. yay for crossing things off the to do list. btw your car picture from xmas made me laugh! thats sooo funny. :)

  4. You know...I think that there are a lot of Disney movies with content that is waaay to scary for young audiences. I hope that your sweet boy can overcome this soon. :-(