Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Hello Everyone! I have been having
the craziest, most exciting week/weekend. Josh started working at a regular job again, which is great because we will have a regular income and a structured schedule again. So, as we are getting adjusted to another big change, my to do list is kind of all over the place.

1. Fly A Kite - John got a kite for Easter that is calling to us. We used it yesterday and he was giddy with excitement, which made me so happy. I am hoping to have another breezy day so that we can bust it out again.

2. Go Swimming - My mom has a solar heated pool and it is 87 degrees right now. We haven't been in since last summer and I know John is never going to want to get out.

3. Grocery Shopping - This is one of my favorite things to do in the world. I love Whole Foods and all the ladies who work there. They know us and always fuss over John. Also, I find nothing more refreshing that looking at a fridge full of fresh produce.

4. Watch Spaceballs!!! I found this at a second hand store where I had some credit and I scooped it right up. I am going to watch a little tonight and finish it tomorrow. I find this movie so stupidly hilarious, and infinitely quotable.

5. Craft - I must get some of my crafts done for the craft swap. As of right now I only have 10 made and I need 31. I am feeling a teensy bit stressed about my progress.
Tomorrow I am going to do Wednesday Wishes and a post about this project/activity that my sister brought home from school. I found it so thought provoking and I don't even know how I would answer it.
Happy Tuesday!
As usual the pictures are all from weheartit.com except for Spaceballs, which came from this site.


  1. i use to love going to the grocery store, but i hate it now. i actually have been putting it off this week. wanna go for me?!?? hehe
    i need to craft too! man, if only we lived closer, a craft night would be perrrfect~

  2. Your list is amazing! I feel like doing all of those things. I love Whole Foods but a lot of the time I go to a different store because I can find nooch and carob powder there and not at our Whole Foods.
    I can't wait to see your crafts!

    p.s. I re-read the card send with the lotions and I was wrong wrong wrongski. I suck- sorry to get your hopes up!

  3. I love flying kites and I am alittle stressed out about get my stuff done for the swap I need to get busy!