Sunday, April 11, 2010


I found this cute new blog called craftyFOLK. She has such a cute Etsy shop, including this awesome typewriter pin. I wish I had that in my jewelry drawer. She also has some cutie owl stickers that you can call your own, for FREE!!! So go to craftyFolk here and check out her blog. You can also check out her Etsy shop here.

Talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. No way! That's awesome!!! I only wish my stupid color printer was working! :(

  2. btw i nominated you for a blog award here:


  3. Oh how cool thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely day


  4. These owl stickers remind me of Ashley G (from I love them. I just have never really had success printing stickers from my printer. Have you tried them? We need a tutorial!

    I of course love the wooden camera necklace or pin but I mean duh- I am a photographer (but wait! I use a typewriter too!)

    P.S. I am soo glad that you love Evelyn Evelyn! I've been listening to it for what, like two weeks straight now! I can't wait to send you the CD with some Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley solo work (since, you know, they are Eve and Lyn)

    Finally- I think- I totally know what you mean! there have been times where I leave the longest comment in the world and then it never shows up! Then I just feel too sad to remember everything that I wrote. I know how much that sucks...but I still *heart* you!

  5. these are so adorable! what an awesome find.

  6. aww that is so cute!! thank you for sharing!!