Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just another Manic Sunday...

Actually the whole weekend was a great kind of crazy :) I remembered to take pictures from a lot of it, which I almost always forget to do. So I will start with the pictures :)

I got to meet Rikki from Seitanic Vegan Heathen at a vegan bake sale. She is so sweet and of course I love her blog, so I was very excited to meet her in person. Unfortunately, John was getting a little crazy so we had to make a quick exit. Luckily, we bought a load of goodies before we left. I would like to say I took pictures of the sweets, but we were too excited to get to the eating. Needless to say, they we delectable. Hopefully I will be able to get together with Rikki again soon.

After that we went to John's "Mampa and Mamma Jackie's" house. Two of his cousins were there and they all played on the trampoline. It was so much fun to watch them all interact because they are at totally different developmental stages. P.S. look at John's fat little squishy and cute :)

This afternoon Josh had to work and John and I were looking for something fun to do. I decided to take him to the youth museum in Mesa where we have a membership. He hasn't been sick in a while (YEAH!!!) so we are venturing out a bit more. Anyway, the museum is awesome and he had a great time.
Then, he wanted to see the dinosaurs at the natural history museum next door, so we went there too.

He is so intrigued by the T-Rex. It roars and he will just hang out waiting to see it.

They also have an area where you can pan for gold, so we had to do that for a while too.
All in all it was a great weekend. To top it off, Josh has the next three days off of work, so we are going to have some family time. And Josh is going to watch John on Wednesday, so I am going to hang out with my mom for the entire day.
Did everyone else have a nice weekend? We watched Balls of Fury (Josh's choice) with my dad and it was so ridiculously bad. Sometimes movies like that are so bad that they circle around to being good again, but this was just plain bad. Even Christopher Walken couldn't save it. Don't waste your time :)
Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend! im so jealous you and rikki got to meet. i wanna meet you lovely ladies so badly!!! :)

  2. Yup- I'm totally jealous of your meet up too though I talk about going to see you and Rikki every time Nektarios calls me from California.
    I wish I could have seen the yummy vegan goodness that you bought. All this talk of food on blogs is making me hungry and crazy in the mood to bake!
    P.S. I'm so excited to see the necklace that you are making. I think the colors are going to be perfect.

  3. no, no YOU'RE sweet! Your family is beautiful and I would love to meet up for lunch/dinner/coffee whatever very soon. I have to take my sweet dog Adelaide to the vet but after that most of my week is free! Oh and I totally want to meet Kellie and Courtney too. We should have a blog union and then have another and we can call it a re-union. yay!! (:

  4. you guys are SO cute.