Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

I love Wednesdays! I have so much fun thinking of things to wish for, and thinking about what I would do if the wishes actually came true. Here are the ones I came up with this week.

Time - I don't know where it all goes. It is like when you lose a sock in the dryer, never to be heard from again. I think that hours in my day just disappear.

Oh Kevin, I wish that you were mine. I wish that polygamy was a socially acceptable, and legal, practice so that we could be married. I love my husband dearly, but Kevin is number one on my laminated list of free passes. I don't really have a laminated list, it is just in my head, and my husband isn't allowed to have one :)

I wish that I had a really amazing owl tattoo, or any new tattoo really. I was going to get a third one for Christmas, but it fell through. So here's to wishing that I can get some new ink soon.

I wish that Damien Rice would come to AZ in concert. He leaves me breathless.
Sorry Courtney, I know my music choices must be the exact opposite of yours. I am opening to listening to all kinds of music though, so feel free to share with me :)

I wish that I could remember how I used to write without being so critical of myself. I know that I have ideas but they are all stunted by my inability to get passed my nerves.

What are you wishing for this week? Check out Courtney, Kellie, and Liz's blogs to see their wishes.

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  1. i LOVE damien rice. also, i know what you mean about the writing thing. i second guess myself so much. i used to have a lot of confidence, but when i was 19, a professor pretty much called my writing incompetent, and i didn't write again for eight years. i just started up again about two years ago.

  2. and p.s. you've inspired me to start doing wednesday wishes too! :)

  3. Ok- First of all I already sent you a photo in your email because I have that clock!
    Anyways-I love your love for Kevin Spacey. I am pretty sure that you bring it up every other week! It's awesome. I also like that your husband can't have a list. I would totally do the same thing!
    Second- I have yet to find anyone who loves the same music as I do. I know I can be a total music nazi too but I am trying! You should send me a mix tape (oh wait I mean CD) and I will do the same for you! Plus that Operation: Cliff Clavin CD (it's all ready to be sent out- I just need to finish your journal).
    I did get excited about the image thinking maybe you wrote a song or something. That would be rad.
    Ummm...I think that might be it for now.

    Sorry that I totally ramble in your comments!

  4. Your free pass comment cracked me up! And it's true, the boy's are not allowed to have one! Time does fly, but that just means that your having a good time in the process ;)

  5. Haha, ATC's are Artist Trading Cards. they are are just mini works of art, pretty much the only rule to making them is that they have to be 2 & 1/2 " by 3 & 1/2 " the size of a playing card.
    I love making them because they are so small that they work up quick.
    xoxo, Katie