Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

I know, I know... It's actually Thursday! Joshua was on the computer last night so I didn't get to post my wishes. Better late than never though right?

These are things I wish I could look out my window right now and see.
Rain...The monsoons have been teasing us with rain for at least two weeks. We get a few drops and then nothing. Some people need sunshine to refuel their soul, I need rain. Kind of a problem when you live in AZ.

A Weeping Willow tree. I just think they are so gorgeous and soulful.

A grove of banyan trees. How much fun would it be to explore in there?

Tulips seem so exotic to me. It was beyond amazing to me that they just grew on the side of the road in Portland.

Kids playing. It seems so quaint, the idea of kids playing red rover or simon says or just plain running around. We live in a great quiet neighborhood, but there aren't really any kids. Of course, in today's world I am not sure I would let John run around out front anyway, certainly not at this age.
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Happy Thursday!


  1. I love Willows too! They remind of of when I would live at my grandma's during the summers. I love them so much. It's raining here today too-I love it.

  2. Why don't we let our kids be more like us? I was always outside, always traveling as far from home as I could and exploring the world. Now I panic when the kids run to my car in the driveway while I'm still trying to lock up the house. I'm convinced that someone's going to get hit by a car or taken away from me. Scary stuff!