Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do You Ever?

Do you ever just feel like you need to do something else, be something else, go somewhere else? Do you ever feel like you are forgetting something that is vitally important but you just can't put your finger on it?
That's how I have been feeling lately. Not dissatisfied with my life in any way, just feeling like I am missing something that really must be done.
I think part of it is our RV dream. I wish we could just go, now now now. I know that it isn't feasible or responsible, but I am so scared that if we wait we will find reasons not to do it. What if we never feel like we have enough money? Should that really stop us? I mean, as long as we can take care of the basics and have something set aside for emergencies, isn't that all we really need? What if something happens to one of us in the next 2-3 years and we spend the rest of our lives worrying about what might have been? I have never really been a carpe diem kind of girl, but now that I am trying, I feel like life is holding me back and saying "not yet, just a little longer."

I am also longing to get more information on Waldorf and Unschooling practices. I have been reading a ton of blogs, which are so valuable. However, I feel like those families already know what they are doing on their journey. How in the world did they get their information? How far behind am I? Am I going to get this right? I have found some wonderful books online and even a few workshops, but everything is so costly. Our libraries, the local and the city ones, have virtually no information on the alternative schooling that we are going to be following. It is such a big responsibility to go against every single socially accepted education standard and say, I KNOW in my heart I am right. Now I need to know in my brain that I am right, and I need to get some of this information to do so.

Also, I have been going back and forth on the etsy front. I don't know if it is really worth the effort. Should I make a post with some samplings of crafts and stuff? Maybe people would be honest and tell me if I have a shot? Are there other ways to sell your goods? I am shooting in the dark here people. I need to find some ways to make extra moolah to get us started on some of the above goals, but I am totally at a loss on where to start.

Anyway, all of this is invading my brain. I need to go take a hot bath and meditate and then get some scheduling done. John is still chattering in his bed an hour after I put him down. It is both funny and frustrating. At least he isn't yelling for me :)


  1. You want to travel NOW, but don't have the money for an RV... have you considered commune living?

    I'm sure you've been to but maybe you should post some items to sell and see what happens? They say it costs 20 cents to list an item for four months. When your item sells, you’ll pay a 3.5% transaction fee. OR, when Brett and I were just in LA we saw all kinds of etsy stuff in little bookstores and shops. You should talk to some boutique owners around and see if they'd want to buy your stuff!

    I looked up unschooling a while ago when I saw it on the news. It looks really cool - but overwhelming to me. I'd constantly be feeling like I'm forgetting to teach them something you know? Anyway, this book looked good

    haha sorry I'm like a research maniac right now. You just get me all excited with your GOALS and such :P

  2. What if you just tried to sell things straight off your blog to get things rolling?
    You've got a ton of blogger friends that would spread that word of your online shop if you ever wanted to do that too...

  3. i know how ya feel....just wishing that you could start your dream NOW. i feel like that a lot lately too. i hope you get to do yours asap!
    and i agree with courtney on the selling stuff off your blog first. and i gotta say, id be a customer! :) love you girl!

  4. I'm with ya, girl!!! I've been feeling the exact same way lately!!! I agree with selling on the blog first too. :)