Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crappy Blogger of the month

I feel like I should be getting an award for being crappy blogger of the month. I love blogging but I am at a total lack of ideas on what to write. I am pretty excited about my new blog because it fits in really well with the stage that I am in at the moment.
Right now I am just consumed with my family, self improvement and ideas for our future. I don't even know if any of that is interesting enough to write about. I try not to focus on what people might want to read, but obviously I wouldn't be posting stuff so publicly if I didn't hope someone might be interested.
Plus, I am full of big dreams right now... big hopes that are scary and exciting and seemingly impossible, but I want them to come true anyway. I am trying desperately to convince Josh that instead of buying a house in a few years, we should just buy an RV or camper. Maybe he could find some kind of employment that would allow us to travel and be Gypsy's. I mean, I don't think we need a lot of money to be happy, we are proving that right now. We need food, shelter, clothes and ways to educate ourselves. Internet is nice, but we could always use wi-fi at places. We would obviously need to have enough money set aside to take care of emergencies, specifically medical, but mechanical as well. I can make toys and educational items or buy them at thrift stores and second hand places. I don't know...I know there is a lot that I am not thinking of. I just desperately want to live outside the box. I want to be free and really LIVE and I know that we aren't going to be able to do that where we are forever.
Who knows, tomorrow I might want safety and security, but I doubt it. I feel like a new, fresh wind is blowing and I want to follow it wherever it leads.
So, once again, this post is all over the place. Bear (or bare?) with me as I continue to grow and learn and decide what I want.


  1. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Gypsy life. I say go for it! It will be the most amazing thing ever and you guys can live it for a while and if you hate it you can settle down before the kiddo goes to school (unless you are going to teach him).
    Either way keep me posted. How awesome.

  2. A gypsy life does sound exciting. Don't worry about what topics to write on here. Just write or share whatever you are thinking or feeling. I'm sure we will all be here. :)

  3. I absolutely love the way you think....You are amazing....I love your free spirit and your need for freedom and fulfillment....I wish I was as brave as you and could just buy an RV...and hit the road.....I love it....I love the thought of having nothing holding me down....and just going..wherever and whenever we wanted too.....My kids experiening life and living it without restrictions......That would truly be an amazing life....I envy you......

  4. thank you for everything yesterday! i am off the sweets now for at least two weeks, but before i quit, i ate your cupcake last night as the farewell to delicious sugary goodies. (:

  5. I LOVE this post!! I love hearing your ideas! I love that you want to live outside the box! Why not make that the new norm! :) I love it!
    You are awesome!

  6. Inspiration

  7. i always love your posts. esp the all over the place ones- thats so how my mind works!
    and btw i am LOVING the RV idea. :) do it and come stay here in FL- actually even if you dont get one, come to FL!!!!