Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Everyone knows that I am a vegan, and usually I think that is the easiest decision in the whole world. Every once in a while though, I come across something that I really really wish had a vegan alternative. It never makes me want to convert back to non-veganism, but it does make me wish and long for cheap, easy vegan alternatives.

Here are just a few things that I wish I could purchase just as cheaply vegan as I could purchase them conventionally.

Wool for knitting. I don't knit, but I wish I could purchase an adequate synthetic substitute. John is going back into cloth diapers and wool is one of the most awesome diaper cover materials. It wicks away moisture and stays cool even in the summer.

Play silks. I have found so many low cost play silk manufacturers, I wish there were some similar ones in synthetic form. I should say though, that I was going through my fabrics and found some window sheers that might just do the trick once dyed.

The circus. I HATE the circus now that I know what it is really about, but boy did I think it was magic as a kid. I wish there was a travelling cruelty free circus so that John could experience that feeling.

Birkenstocks... I have a pair of Earth Vegan shoes that are very similar to Birks, but they aren't nearly as comfortable. Hopefully I will find the perfect pair someday.

Beeswax molding material. This can be used for crafts and candles. Soy will work too I think, but i haven't found it in nearly as many pretty colors. I will have to keep trying to find what else I can use.
Alright, those are my wishes for this week.
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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Wish granted - Cirque Du Soleil

    As for the yarn... I was going to suggest plarn but apparently the only thing you can make out of plastic bags are different types of bags haha!