Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking on the V-Con

Yummy yummy in my tummy! This weeks recipe was Quinoa salad with Black Beans and Mango. It was so so so good and refreshing. It was still a little warm from the Quinoa cooking, so I think it will be even better tomorrow after it chills overnight.
The recipe calls for:
2c Quinoa
1 Mango
1 Can of Black Beans
Red Wine Vinegar
1 Bell Pepper

I ended up using a nectarine because I didn't have a mango and I added onions because we have a million from our garden.

Sorry this picture is sideways. It is saved correctly, but loaded wrong. I don't know how
to fix it :(

Add all of the ingredients minus the quinoa, which should be cooking on the stove. Add the quinoa and then let everything chill before serving. The awesome thing about this recipe is that you can pretty much add anything that you think would taste good. I even felt comfortable playing with ingredients and measurments, which I rarely ever do.
Doesn't it look gorgeous and delicious? Perfect for a hot AZ evening.

John loved it too! He came in from playing outside, hence the sweaty hair, and went right to work eating it all up :)
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Ha! I didn't have a mango either! Let's hope next week I have portobellos (hehe)
    Your's looks yummy too.
    Totally a fool proof recipe and I am sooo happy to see that you are starting to play with you recipes now! Awesome-o.