Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Well, I have already finished almost all of my to do list today, which makes me feel full and happy.
One of the things that I am trying to do is find a retirement/nursing home for John and I to visit on a weekly basis. This is turning out to be more challenging than I thought it might be. I called 6 nursing homes today and did not get to speak to any of their volunteer coordinators. How sad is it that the residents might miss out on the chance to hang out with a joyful child because no one is there to talk to volunteers. Oh, they all had coordinators, it's just that none of them were available to talk to me.
Does anyone out there have volunteer idea that you might do on your own or as a family? It has been weighing on my mind lately that we have been given so many gifts/blessings (whatever you want to call them) but we don't do much to give back.
Let me know what you do! I am so interested
Happy Monday


  1. volunteering is really great for kids i think we volunteer at our local batter women shelter with the kids. Good luck

  2. we are adding community help into our homeschooling! we are gonna do the nursing home thing too.. jareth is gonna make christmas bells out of egg cartons and paint them to take to the residents of the nursing homes around here.
    he is also going to fund raise for Project Night Night (homeless kids), we are gonna fund raise to be able to adopt an endangered animal (WWF), he will help elderly family with chores, we will bake cookies for the sewing group at my gma's church, and we are gonna go to the park and pick up the litter. all of these things fit into our curriculum, so its important to know that even tho we live in a town with less than 200 ppl, there is a MUCH bigger world out there.

    one thing we use to do when i was a montessori teacher.. the class would adopt a family, put together a box of unwanted stuff to help out and give it to the family in need (our director called up agencies and go how many boys/girls in the family and maybe what they needed) then we would deliver the box.

    there was a little boy (about 12) that we knew up here in iowa that died in a tornado a couple years back aaron eilerts. he did a TON of community help!! one thing he did, was make pillow cases for kids *with kids fabric* for the hospital, so when they are admitted they get one to help feel better (my son has 3 of them). other community helpers have carried it on since his death.

    He also made small/med dog pillows for the shelters, so they did not have to sleep on the cold floor..
    what a sweet soul he was!
    Good luck, great thing to teach your son.. we need more like aaron!

    good luck with your search!! let us know what you decide