Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Rhythm of our week so far...

John and I have had such an awesome week this week. I think I mentioned earlier about the daily rhythm and how each day has an activity. Here are a few pictures of our activities so far :)
Monday was cooking day. John and I made pizza dough from scratch and then cooked ourselves a pizza. He loved getting his hands all messy.

Our pizza when it was finished cooking. Daiya cheese and sun dried tomatoes...yummmm
Eating after all of his hard work

This morning we went on a "nature" walk around our neighborhood. He brought along a little starfish, octopus and spider.

Carrying his little bag of, sticks, pinecones

Then this afternoon we made playdough out of sand, water and cornstarch. It was so easy to make and John thought it was so cool to play with the sand inside the house. Plus, after a few hours in the sun the sculptures dry and turn hard.

I made John's initials and a small candle holder for our nature table.
Tuesday was daddy time and he didn't get any pictures. I guess they went and walked around Lowe's for like an hour. That is such a man thing to do. Tuesday night Josh and I cut up some old pine branches we had for firewood. He cut them into disks and I sanded them down. Now John has some awesome blocks made right from our own yard. I will take pictures and post them later.
Tomorrow is a creative play day, so I am going to finish sewing John a cape to wear around the house.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love how much you guys do together, you are a great mom and an inspiration.

  2. making your own blocks? you are amazing!