Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Zero Goals

So, I have decided to put my Day Zero goals up in an effort to motivate myself into doing them. Bolded one are completed!
  1. Lose 20lbs
  2. Cook 5 times per week for at least a month
  3. Read all of the books on my bookshelf
  4. Smile at a stranger every day (so far so good)
  5. Attend an outdoor concert
  6. Attend at least 10 protests
  7. Organize my house
  8. Cancel junk mail
  9. Floss daily
  10. Keep up with my blog
  11. Put pics in photo albums
  12. Learn to use a manual camera
  13. Write in John's memory book at least once per week
  14. Video John weekly
  15. Go on an overnight trip with Josh
  16. Be thankful at least once daily (in progress)
  17. Try a screen printing project
  18. Go on a hike that seems difficult
  19. Go out with a friend
  20. Go to a roller derby
  21. Decorate for every holiday for a year
  22. Join and attend a playgroup
  23. Go see the leaves change up north
  24. Go camping for at least 2 nights
  25. Have a picnic
  26. Fly a kite
  27. Reread Atlas Shrugged
  28. Cook a vegan Christmas dinner
  29. Join a book club
  30. Go rapelling
  31. Visit CA family
  32. Visit SMoCA
  33. Ride our bikes to the park
  34. Follow a budget
  35. Watch a Miracle on 34th St.
  36. Perform an RAK
  37. Take John to Phoenix Children's Museum
  38. Attend a play at Gammage
  39. Go to a bar
  40. Have a fire in the fire pit
  41. Watch Citizen Kane
  42. Go to Lilith Fair (Going to Lady Gaga instead)
  43. Frame our Haiti Pics
  44. Go to Vegas
  45. Make at least 10 things
  46. Vote in a local election
  47. Go to ThanksLiving
  48. Peel out in a car
  49. Play in the rain/mud
  50. Start a new family tradition
  51. Make a new friend
  52. Walk to the store
  53. Make John a quilt
  54. Watch a movie starting with every letter
  55. Try a new fruit
  56. Do something completely selfless
  57. Shop at a farmer's market
  58. Write a story
  59. Dress up
  60. Embroider a bag
  61. Learn to use my sewing machine proficiently
  62. Make rock candy
  63. Have a 30th birthday party with Josh
  64. Surprise Josh with something
  65. Start a garden
  66. Learn to walk in heels
  67. Volunteer
  68. Attend a WV event
  69. Work on my red journal
  70. Color an entire coloring book
  71. Attend a letter writing event at Green
  72. Have $1,000 in savings
  73. By everything in cash for at least a month (well beyond a month already)
  74. Fill out appropriate sections of my life
  75. Private
  76. Private
  77. Private
  78. Private
  79. Go to PA
  80. Potty train John
  81. Plant a tree
  82. Write Josh a love letter
  83. Exercize regularly
  84. Take an online class
  85. Get a tattoo
  86. Get my nose pierced
  87. Use a clothesline to dry
  88. Eat RAW for a month
  89. See a movie at MadCap
  90. See Rocky Horror Picture Show live
  91. Have a baby
  92. Pay back mom and Jan
  93. Visit a Buddhist Temple
  94. Dye my hair
  95. Private
  96. Recreate my first date with Josh
  97. Organize my ipod
  98. Move into our own place (this has changed)
  99. Help mom clean her garage
  100. Have a garage sale
  101. Have a celebration for completing my goals

I have until the end of November 2012! I need to get it in gear and get going


  1. I'll volunteer for a combination of 39 and 59.

    85, I got a guy on Alma School and Guadelupe. They also do 86 there too.

    And my older sister took me to my first 90 when I was 14. I'm sure she'd be in the market to go again!

  2. Danielle - I am up for all of the above! Let's make it happen...what about a roller derby?

  3. OH MAN!!! There are now sooooo many more reasons I wished we lived in the same state!! :) You are awesome!! These goals are amazing~ I can't wait for our online bookclub! :) I think we should start with the Curious dog!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Roller derby would be awesome, but I'm afraid of getting addicted to it. Like I kind of wanna BE in it, not just watch, lol!

    And *hopefully* after next Sunday you can cross the Farmers Market off your list :)

  5. awesome goals. i really do wish we lived closer or could visit each other!! i would help you with several of those!! and id totally love to join for a fire pit night. :)