Monday, July 12, 2010

Pirate Radio

Joshua and I watched this movie last night and we LOVED it. It is one that I would buy and watch over and over and over again. It was funny and sweet with killer good music. Josh wants to buy the soundtrack right this second...he has to settle for checking it out at the library.
The movie is about a British pirate radio station in the 60's. I guess in like 1966 radio stations only played about an hour of rock and roll per day. So ships would dock off of the coast of England and broadcast rock and roll 24 hours a day. The movie is about one particular ship, and one politician's battle to shut down the whole pirate radio system. Kenneth Branagh is the politician, and as usual he plays such a spectacular D-Bag.
Anyway, I give this movie 4 The Who records out of 4!
Phil, you know I love you!


  1. Saw it in the theater last year~ loved it too!!!

  2. I love how the guy's last name was Twat! ha ha!