Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thankfulness and Goals

A while ago I posted 25 things that I am thankful for so that when I get down, which happens a bit, I can look and remember. Lately it seems that there have been a whole host of wonderful things happening in my life, so I thought I should take the time to make a new list...I am not going to push for 25, just whatever comes naturally.

1. The meditation class we took gave me new tools to use to fight stress, and hopefully my insomnia.
2. John is just the absolute perfect child for our family.
3. Josh and I have worked through the issues we were having and have grown stronger yet again :)
4. I am becoming the mother that I know I am capable of being
5. I am starting to make new friends who like me for me
6. Adding a rhythm to our week has made life so much less stressful. We always have something to look forward to.
7. Lady Gaga is in like 2 weeks!
8. We are going to be living in our RV in t-minus two years! Amazing!
9. Josh got promoted, already
10. I am taking steps to building a waldorf-inspired homeschool/unschool program for John.
11. My foot is feeling better
12. It is halfway through July, which means summer is that much closer to being over
13. We got reapproved for our insurance, which is HUGE for our family
14. Somehow we always have just enough to make it
15. My family and I are all healthy and happy.

I could go on and on, but these are all pretty important things going on in our lives right now. I am just so grateful for the positivity that seems to have enveloped our home. When I was at the meditation class the teacher told us something pretty insightful. She said that when you are little you feel like the world is all happening for you, everything wonderful is meant just for you. As you get older, you start to feel like the world is happening to you, everything bad just seems to fall your way. I am realizing, and this list helps me remember, that the world isn't happening for me or to me, it is what I make it. I have the power to look at each thing happening in my life and to decide how to react. I am hoping that I will continue to react thankfully and take each obstacle as it comes.

GOALS: (Just a quick list of what needs to be done sooner rather than later)
1. Finish Art Journals for swap
2. Make John's cardboard tractor
3. Help dad/Josh make John's enclosed step stool
4. Sell toys at consignment
5. Take a specific class by this weekend
6. Cut some more blocks and add holes for construction
7. Finish pen pal letters, although they are never really finished because there is always a new one to reply to thank goodness :)
8. Create a book club for some blog friends and I
9. Start my Visionary Mom's Class
10. Create a kitchen play set for John

Wow, this post was long and random as usual.
I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!


  1. When I realized that the world can be what I make of it I immediately started teaching Logan the same. He gets so frustrated with life sometimes... my poor mini me. As I remind him of the choices and possibilities he has each day it's like I'm reminding myself :)

  2. PS: you're too busy, slow down! and tell Josh congrats... you knew this would happen. these boys just have to try their best no matter what they're doing don't they?

  3. Lady Gaga? That will be a great show! Very cool.

  4. first off i just wanna say, katie i loooove you. you have seriously got to be one of the coolest moms and this post so proves it!
    and yay for lady gaga. im so excited for you.
    i still wanna do the book club thing with you-the one i was in i left due to way too much drama (long freaking horrible story). so keep me posted if you can.
    ps we should skype!!! like soon!

  5. Ummm...drama in a book club?! WTF?!
    I'd probably be interested in the book club (depending on what we read).
    I'm glad that everything is going so well for you guys! I can't wait to see what you set-up school wise for the kiddo.
    Yay! for Josh's promotion too. That was fast! You guys are the best-est.

  6. I love this post! I love plans! and book clubs! *cough!*