Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

This Wednesday I decided to focus on some art/craft supplies that I would love to have in my craft area. Of course, number one on the list would be to have a bigger craft area, but I don't have a picture for that :)

Lot's O' Martha Stewart glitter. I am on the Martha bandwagon for sure. I have been since I was in high school (source)

This book would be an awesome addition to my art journaling supply collection! I can't remember where I found the picture but I think it's pretty funny.

Random paper goods for my art journals. (source)

Tons and tons and tons of embroidery thread. I can't get enough. (source)

Of course, with all of that thread I would need a load of new hoops. (source)

This card catalogue would be a perfect way to organize a lot of my crap, and it is so pretty. (source)

What craft room could be complete without buttons? (source)

Those are my wishes for this week. Frivolous, I know, but fun none the less :)
Do you all have any wishes this week?
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. i hate to admit it, but i do LOVE martha crafts.
    and sigh i want so many pretty craft things too. like buttons, one can NEVER have enough buttons!

  2. Ha! I JUST bought those glitters on a super mega ultra clearance! I totally love Martha too so your not alone!
    Looks like I am going to have to send you a nice craft package soon!

  3. Martha seriously has the best glitters!!

  4. I have the Martha glitter!! I'm embarassed to say I haven't used it all too much (YET!) but it's still sittin' pretty on my desk. =)