Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Playdate and stuff

John and I had our first playdate with the new group yesterday. It went very well, and we both really enjoyed the people. I told them that I knew this was the playgroup for me when I heard someone swear :)
However, we ended up having a rather long and uncomfortable "conversation" with one of the other moms about us being vegan. Before I tell a brief version of the story, I have to say that I was proud of how I handled it. Normally when I feel even a little attacked I just back down and stop sharing my side of the story. This time I held my ground and stood up for myself and what I believe in.
Anyway, I don't even know how our veganism got brought up, but it did. A woman had just walked in and her first words were, "that is illegal in Germany." I didn't even know how to respond, so I just let it go. Here are a few of the other questions/comments...
  • You are not raising your child vegan are you?
  • What do you eat? A lot of legumes and nuts?
  • I don't think that it is right to force my ideas on my child. They should be able to make their own decisions - - - - This is something that I have heard a few times and my response is usually the same. If I was religious I would take my child to church because I would feel that is the moral thing to do. Veganism is a moral choice that I make, and I choose to raise my son that way because I want to raise him according to my morals.
  • She told me that she is Lutheran and her husband is not. He doesn't let her take the kids to church because he doesn't want them brainwashed/indoctrinated (I can't remember the exact verbiage). He wants them to make their own decisions. ----- I responded that I felt like it was my duty as a parent to make decisions for my child that he is not mature or responsible enough to make. That is the job of a parent. When he is old enough to make an educated decision, I will let him choose his own path.
  • She also asked me if I was gluten free, and when I responded no she said that gluten is an animal based product. I said that it is a grain based product, but she said not always. I just let it go.
  • She also told me that it is outrageous to raise dogs or cats on vegetarian diets. I said that it is possible to raise a dog as a vegan (I neglected to mention that we raise our dog that way) and was told that doing that is going against nature.

The conversation lasted forever. I actually felt really bad for the other ladies because I think they were uncomfortable for me. I wasn't angry in any way, this kind of thing comes with the territory, but I wish we could have done it at a different time. Regardless, John and I are going to continue to go and make friends.

My cat Molly, otherwise known as Puka. I can never get a good picture of her, so I was pretty excited.
How cute is the packaging for my book swap book. Justine did such a cute job! Thanks lady :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! I know that we did :)
Happy Tuesday :)


  1. Wow! you handled that awesomely (is that a word) :) You rock!! I am so proud of you! Tell me more about the book swap! :)

  2. You rock, it sounds like you handled it awesome. Do you read http://stayingvegan.com/topic/parenting/ or http://www.yourveganmom.com/ both have been very helpful to my family.

  3. Yay for handling the crappy situation perfectly! I just plain don't get what the big fucking deal is about veganism? Why is it soo controversial, you know? I mean I do know but I don't if that makes any sense.
    I LOVED your religious comparison since that would seem to hit a place for most people (you know....most people that aren't us!)
    So, next week are you going to tell them that you are an Atheist too?
    Either way I really hope that it doesn't infringe on your little boy making friends and you too. I hope despite the conversation it was worth it and that you had a great time.

  4. ok, 1st off, not illegal in Germany. that lady is a wack-a-doo! secondly i think giving your child a hormone free and anti-biotic free, cholesterol free, trans fat free diet is only going to help him grow up to be a healthier child. people assume that when you tell them you are vegan that you are judging them, so they retaliate. On Kenike's blog Chicos and Beans she just pointed out a study at ASU showed that a group of people who gave up eating meat for a week felt happier. maybe that lady ate a steak for breakfast and was angry from all of the meat? (: