Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teeth in a whaaaat.

Ok! I have some BIG news. My mom has agreed to go on a vegan diet inspired by Dr. Dean Ornish for a month!!! I am going to shop for her and spend one whole day a week cooking for the rest of the week. I am super super excited about this. Not only because it is an awesome gift to animals, but also because we are hoping it is going to make a positive impact on her health. My mom has been going through test after test on her heart this week. There is a great deal of fear that she has some type of blockage and we are not sure of what the treatment is going to be. I am deeply hopeful that a diet will help even if she does have surgery. My mama is an amazing woman and I know she is going to be so strong through all of this :)

I checked this most amazing movie out at the library today. I cannot wait to watch it tonight. The movie is about a girl who has teeth in her vagina!!!! What! Does it get any crazier than that?

Also, I am thrilled to be a part of this awesome craft swap. I think I already know what I am going to make. I just have to see if I have the skill to make it work. I am not the best sketcher, so we will see. I had so much fun doing Janel's swap, so I can't wait to complete this one.
Finally, I was right about my surprise, I DID get a massage today. It was such a big splurge since we don't have much moolah, but it was wonderful.
I hope everyone had a great Thursday. I am off to go watch my movie and work on a few art journal pages :)


  1. Do you have a link for Apple Blue Handmade? I would love to sign up, if it's still open.

  2. Aww yay! I am so glad that your mom is doing this. I really hope that it helps her and who knows maybe she'll stick with it! I'd love to know what you make-take lots of photos!
    I love you for renting Teeth! How lame is it that her name is O'Keefe?! Anyways, let us know how it is...I haven't gotten around to watching it yet but I've told Nick about it and I think were going to try and wait to watch it together.

    p.s. I have NEVER had a massage. I always wonder if I would be creeped out my someone touching me or if it would be just totally awesome. I've also never had my nails done or those other girly girl things.

  3. hahaha teeth in her vagina...that's pretty original.

    p.s. the river market is an open air market in Little Rock right next to the Arkansas River (hence the name lol). During the summer it's open on Saturdays and Tuesdays :-)

  4. how was the movie - and I would like a link to the craft swap too!