Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Craft Swap Blues

Ok folks, I am about to admit something terrible, awful, horrible...I am a moron.
Last month I joined a craft swap with a camping theme. I was/am super excited and I thought long and hard about what my craft would be. I finally settled on a version of BINGO that I would call CAMPO. I drew all of the little items on one bingo card. Quite a stretch for me because drawing is not one of my talents. I was excited to push myself and try something new.
I think that the little drawings turned out well for my mediocre skill.

Once I had the CAMPO card made, I made enough copies to give each of the 16 people 4 cards. Then I started coloring. It felt like it took forever, but I finally got all 64 cards colored.
After coloring them, I mounted them all on different colored card stock.

And laminated each one with contact paper

I cut each one out and I think they look awesome.

What is the problem, you may ask? If you think they look good why did you start laughing at your error when you were supposed to be falling asleep last night?
The problem is that they cannot be used as CAMPO/BINGO cards because every single card LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!
Duh, Katie. Bingo needs to have the objects in different places so that only one or two people can get BINGO at the same time. Go ahead, have a laugh at my expense, my whole family has :)
Sooo, I have decided that I will make a little note for each pack that explains how they can be used as scavenger hunt cards. The first person to find four in a row/corners/blackout is the winner. Different people may spot different items around the campsite, or maybe even limit it to other peoples sites that can be seen from your own site. Who knows? What I do know is that it is too late to do all the work, so now it is time to improvise :)
I hope that little story cheered you all up. It gave my mom a good laugh.


  1. Hahaha don't feel too bad, I could see myself doing something like that. At least you made it work by making it into a scavenger hunt! Great save!!! Super cute idea too!


  2. Awesome. You are my favorite person-I would totally do something like that too!

  3. could have saved some time coloring ONE and then getting colored copies... just a thought haha... doesn't help your situation though LOL!

  4. oh my goodness!!!! That is so something I would do LOLOLOL. Im sure you will look back and laugh :P Your doodles are super cute and I love your creativeness to come up with a new game for your hard work!

  5. haha! I love it! I'm doing the craft swap too and I can't wait for my camp scavenger hunt use to be bingo set! You did soooo much work!
    Don't feel too too bad. I made a welcome banner (like for a tent) and attached all the letters backward. EMOCLEW. oops! I got laughed at too.

  6. They sure are cute though!! :) AND I love your idea about using them as scavenger hunt cards~ that will be a blast!! Love that idea!!
    You are amazing! :)