Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Wished

I am excited for Wednesday Wishes this week. Last week I was in such a negative place, so I am happy to be feeling much more positive this week. I decided to make this weeks wishes about people I would like to meet. All of them are famous in one way or another, but not all of them are "celebrities." And I didn't include Kevin Spacey because Courtney says he shows up in half of my wishes :)

Duh, I love Sarah so much, of course I would want to meet her. I think she must be a pretty amazing person to create music that touches me so deeply. source

Stephen King...I think he is pretty underrated as an author. The Dark Tower series and The Stand are some of my favorite books of all time. I want to know how he has written so many books and the majority of them can relate back to the Dark Tower series in some way.

Tyler Durden...I don't really care to meet Brad Pitt, but Tyler Durden is another story. Crazy, smart, HOT...yes please source

Jodie Foster...I have a little bit of a girl crush on Jodie. Crazy talented, super smart and pretty elusive. Plus, I would love to talk to her about John Hinkley, although I am sure that is a topic she would rather avoid altogether. source

Laura Linney... for pretty much the same reasons as Jodie Foster, minus the would be assassin issue. Plus, she has worked with some of my favorite actors so it would be like a jackpot of information and stories. source

Ted Bundy...I know it is weird and probably a little creepy, but I am pretty fascinated with serial murderers. How do they become capable of such terror? Bundy is sort of the "poster boy" for serial killers and is just generally pretty interesting. source

Clive Barker...where does he come up with this stuff? source

Mahatma Gandhi... I just want him to teach me. source
Steve Buscemi... Steve makes me swoon and laugh. source

Ayn Rand... I know she was probably a huge bitch, but she is also a little genius, so I guess she has a right. I would love to hear her discuss her philosophies in person so I could ask lots of questions. source

Those are my wishes for the week. Be sure to check out Kellie, Courtney and Liz's wishes too!

I have a few other little random things to discuss.
Josh and I watched this documentary last night. We already avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, but it was a pretty fascinating refresher course on why we avoid them. I wish everyone would watch this because the low prices you think you are getting are really not that low at all. You and everyone else are paying a high cost for cheaper junk.
Another thing...I was wondering what people would think of a religious interview feature. I am a non-christian and I know a few other atheists read my blog. I know that I have a lot of people who are different religions that read this blog too. I am really interested to know different peoples points of view about their own religions. It wouldn't be something that is negative in any way, I just want to explore what people believe. In order to do this though, I need to know if anyone would be willing to answer a little questionnaire about their beliefs and such. If not, I will just drop the whole hard feelings :) Please let a comment telling me what you think. Thanks!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great post!
    P.S. Nick and I are totally with you on the serial killer issue. Books movies, museums- we love it all and it is always so interesting! I don't think it is bizarre but rather anthropological. Seriously.
    (Our favorite is the Zodiac and Nick really loves The Night Stalker too) Anyways...I love you added Kevin Spacey in your post without adding him! Your so funny!

    So, I watched that movie maybe two years ago or something and it made me so mad. My uncle worked at Wal-Mart for about six years and I totally believe that the stress and hard work that they had him do contributed to his death last month, hands down. He was a 65 y.o. worker that they treated like a 25 y.o. worker. I told him to quit there a million times. I know that the movie is more in depth about the prices and everything but I just am not a Wal-Mart person (I know you know what that means.)
    Guh-just a little vent there about the tip of the ice berg of my thoughts on Wal-Mart.

    I love the religion idea, it would be interesting to try and represent all religions (though I only really know atheists and perhaps pagans in real life!)

  2. haha wow. I love this wish list for two reasons. 1. I was in LOVE with tyler durden and I've seen Fight Club like a countless number of times. (who am i kidding, i'm still in love with him.) 2. my 11th grade english teacher was obsessed with serial killers and totally made me want to do a documentary about serial killers one day. (which is an odd aspiration.)