Monday, June 7, 2010

Sicky Kid and some journal pages - Lots O' Pics

I love being a mother, I love being a mother, I love being a mother...some days I have to chant that to myself so that I will remember that it's true :) Poor J-man is a sick kid. He has a little cold, which means he is sick enough to be crabby and not sleep well, but not sick enough to sit still. We can't go anywhere in public because his face is slimy, and we can't go outside because it is like an oven. So I have been trying to get sort of creative...

John loves the sandbox, but obviously it isn't an indoor toy. I figured he might get a kick out of playing with some beans like they were sand and I was right. He had so much fun pouring them in different buckets. I cut off the bottom of a water bottle that my dad had and it became a funnel. Yay for leftover pinto beans!

I also decided to dye some rice and noodles. Now he can use them for color sorting and pouring and just general chaos :)
Toys are EVERYWHERE! This is one little section of my dads living room floor. Imagine it times about 6.

A chair we got John for $2.00. He loves to sit in it and survey his domain.

LOTS of playing with tractors and fake tattoos

Thank goodness for Pappy coming home and playing with tractors too :)
Having a sicky who isn't really all that sick is a pain, but I am super thankful that it didn't turn into a wheezing bronchiolitis and double ear infection like it did 5 times this winter.
Here are some of my latest journal pages...
I got an awesome catalog from TOAST with great pictures and few words. The shoe picture came from that.

I love how the Vegan one turned out.

Alright, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


  1. Wow, I love the creative things you came up with to keep John busy but inside! Way to go Mom!! Your pages look great too!


  2. I hope your baby feels better soon! I love your journal pages you creative little thing you!



  3. awww I hope he gets beter soon!!!! Boys are so much fun!!! I love your journal pages, that tree is fantastic!!! love love love!

  4. i love your "one foot infront of the other" page. so lovely.

  5. Aww, your such a cute mom!
    Are tattoos a kid thing now? My nephew and niece jut love them and HAVE to wear them every day and I didn't know if it has something to do with real tattoos (since you have some and my sister and I both have some) or if its just like a regular kid interest thing.
    P.S. He looks JUST like you in the smiling photo! Rad.
    I love reading your pages...are you going to do Janels (FREE!) doodle/art journal/whatever you call it? I'm going to try.