Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Wishing and Hoping... These are the things that I wish could just happen right this very second...

I wish it would just pour down rain with lightening and a little bit of thunder. We never have awesome rainstorms here. We get monsoons, which consist of dust, wind, lightning and thunder, but rarely rain. Arizona smells like perfection after a hard rain.

Can we just skip summer altogether? I know that lots of you like summer, but I think it is the most miserable season. Maybe we could melt you winters with my summers and just have an ultra long fall? Oh, that would be magic. Let's work on figuring out how to make that happen, K?

I wish my schedule and time management skills would just create themselves.

I wish I could live in the house at the very top, but it would have to be the awesome yellow color of that house on the bottom. That is my kind of ocean view. I am not a sandy beach person at all. I love the way this rocky beach looks though.
Those are my wishes for this week. Yesterday, I found out that one of my wishes did get answered. My mom got the results back from all of her cardiac tests and everything looks GREAT!!!!! It turns out that she is on some medication and it is giving her heart palpitations, so she just has to adjust the medication. That is better news than any of us could have ever hoped for. So now she knows she dodged a bullet and she is all set to go for her diet :) I will keep you all updated on the cooking situation :)
Happy Wednesday!
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  1. you are super duper cute. my wednesday wish is to own the amazingly cute dress at loveland that has bunnies, kittie and unicorns on it. maybe i will be wearing it when we go bowling? (:

  2. so happy about your moms test coming back good!! :)
    and can we please mix the stupid freezing winters with the ultra hot summers?? a long fall would be heaven!! (esp if that meant strabucks kept them pumpkin spice lattes out longer)!

  3. I love your wishes!!!! I'm with you... if yours comes true to pass over Summer, send it my way!!!! A super duper long Fall would be heavenly!!!! Great news about your mom!!!! Yay!
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Yay! for mom's health!
    This is the cutest set of wishes. I love the whole "I want this right now' aspect! Very awesome.

  5. great wishes!! I am so happy your moms test results came back with good news!! Hope you have a great week pretty lady!

  6. That last picture with the houses - you have to tell me where that is. I had this reoccurring dream while I was pregnant with Logan of this *exact* place. No joke!

  7. I'm ready for Fall myself! I'd like to go swimming with my son a few times, and skip the rest of Summer.

    Glad your mom got good news!