Monday, June 7, 2010

Schedules...To Be or Not To Be?

I need to create a schedule. I need a little structure for John and for myself. At the end of each day I feel like I could have accomplished so much more. If I don't have a to do list then naptime wanders up and I just am lazy because I don't want to get my ass in gear. If I have a list then I know what needs to be done and I do it.
I don;t just need a to do list though, I need like an actual schedule. I worry that I am getting behind in doing things that need to be done for John. We do a whole lot of playing, but I worry about being unstructured when it comes time for school. I don't know...I am rambling because I am unsure on this issue. I like that John can just be two years old and have fun and freedom because that ends at some point. Clearlym I should have gathered my thoughts a little more before I posted this haha.

One thing I am sure of...I would be much better about writing in and following a schedule if I had this ....

Yep, it is a Javier Bardem day planner cover. So bad and yet so good. Found here.

Ok, I am off to watch CLUE and do a little journaling/meal planning/to-do list making :)

Happy Monday!


  1. putting things down on paper makes me feel so much better. and you feel so much more accomplished when you start checking things of the list :-). good luck on your scheduling!

  2. Schedules are amazing! I try (key word try!) to stick to one since I work from home; the working part totally seeps into my 'home' time.
    Lists too! I am a list fiend.
    Maybe you should do a post about your regular do so that you can really reflect and see where time needs to be blocked out or fun time needs to be added.
    (yay! for Clue...I just LOVE Tim Curry. I watch Rocky Horror all the time when I am working.)

  3. My husband and I were just talking about schedules..I am trying to get things made for my etsy and I told him that I need an actual work schedule....I told him that I am going to set a schedule and when I need to work..pretend I left for a job.....I will go in my craft room, close the door and I am officially off duty....I am also a list maker..I have to do lists in every room in my house....I have the most time really early in the morning and at night after my kids go to bed....

  4. Great idea!
    Hey, seeing Javier and knowing how much you love movies made me want to ask if you have seen The Sea Inside? Fantastic movie!!