Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking on the V-Con (Week 2)

Hello Tuesday, I wasn't really ready for you yet, but you came around anyway.

This week's recipe is for Snobby Joe's, the V-Con version of sloppy Joe's. The recipe features lentils instead of meat and a decent homemade sauce.

Rikki and I both had less than stellar results from our takes on this recipe, but Courtney liked hers after a bit of tweaking. I am still new enough to the cooking world that I get kind of nervous changing things up . I am hoping to get better about adding my own creative flair as I get more experience cooking different things in the kitchen. Having said all of that, I will definitely make these again. John was super excited about his sammich and I enjoyed mine too even if it wasn't perfect.

Some of my ingredients... I didn't include my spices and I didn't use bell peppers because I can't stand them. On a side note, we went to Rikki's last week for dinner and had some roasted bell peppers that were delicious. I may have to revisit my pregnancy induced aversion to bell peppers soon...but not today :)

Sauteeing the onions and garlic. I love the way those veggies smell when they are cooking.

Cooking up all of the ingredients...it looks like lentils in spaghetti sauce, but I promise it is Snobby Joe's.

The finished product. I included a picture of my beer because I am proud to be expanding my horizons in the beer tasting arena. I am normally a Coors Light kind of girl, but I want to be a woman with refined tastes haha.

Be sure to check out Rikki and Courtney's blogs to see their takes on this recipe, and to see some much better quality pics :)
Happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow for Wednesday Wishes and then I am off for a few days to do some camping.


  1. It's only cooking lady! Don't be scared of it! I think 99% of the time I just read the recipe for a guideline; I am ALWAYS changing things around because I've gotten to know what I like and what I don't and what flavor combos I like together (cumin and thyme belong in EVERYTHING!)
    I told Rikki maybe we should do a Snobby Joe's revisited post as a bonus in a few months...
    Oh Also- I am a totaly beer snob! I won't drink from a can (ever!)and LOVE white biers. Yummy. Really though, I am a Gin and Tonic kinda girl...it's the housewife in me.
    I hope you got my CD and Skype invite!

  2. sooo, i got a blog just so i could follow your and comment on your cute stuff and see pics of my newmano's when you delete your facebook but then i realized that this thing is pretty rad altogether. so i have decided to partake in the fun all in all. i just need to find some buds on this thing. and i am going to start a cute journal like yours because...well yours is so cute. love ya sis

    oh and p.s. im going to take this whole blog thing as my opportunity to show you and brag about my awesome weigh and pay (goodwill) finds!

  3. i am down with courtney, we should have a re-snob day. timmy really like his but i thought it was too mushy. have fun on your camping trip, i want to see mas fotos!