Sunday, June 20, 2010

Loverly Weekend

Ummm, could this kid be any more perfect looking? Don't answer, you may not think so since he isn't yours, but I am pretty sure he is perfection through and through.
Saturday we went to one of our favorite places, the youth museum. I was finally feeling mostly better and it was fun because there was practically no one there.

We hung up a world map so that we could start planning for our year abroad. We decided that we are only going to mark things on the map after we have researched them and have specific destinations in mind. For example, we couldn't just mark Samoa, we had to know that we wanted to go to the To Sua ocean trench. So exciting to actually plan for dreams.

Josh's homemade Father's Day Card. The little measuring tape part pulls out and says, "Dad, no one measures up to you." Thanks to Family Fun for the idea :)
I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.
Happy Sunday!


  1. He is such a doll!! And I love the idea of the map!!! We have one with pins that mark the places we have gone, but it is such a better idea to mark the places you WANT to go!!I am going to move the map from the spider infested basement up to the cozy living space and start marking it up! Thank you~ :)

  2. hes totally adorable. :) and i love yalls ideas for the map and your fathers day gift. :)