Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Oh Wednesday, you cheer me up this week. I am happy to provide some wishes and think about things that make me happy.

I wish I could get on an airplane and fly to PA to visit my whole family of wonderful people. I went every summer for about ten years when I was a kid and they are some of my very best memories. I miss my aunts, uncles and cousins and I wish John and Josh could have some more time with them all too.

Ahhh, I wish I had this hoodie in my size, but I would take it for John too.

I wish I could recreate this radical photo with my kid. He is horrible to photograph because he almost never stops moving.

I wish that people didn't think that being older than me guarantees them a certain amount of respect. I am sorry, but i am almost 30 years old, that is old enough to decide who deserves respect and who doesn't. If you are rude and inappropriate with me, I am not going to give you respect even if you are 15 years older than me.

All photos are from vi.sualize

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*** Josh, John and I are going camping for three days. That means no phone and no Internet. I am so so so excited to have some uninterrupted quality time with my boys***


  1. I LOVE that polaroid.
    I've never been camping...I don't know if I could do it! I hope you have tons of fun. I hope your going to take a million photographs too.

  2. OH I love that shirt! I want one!!!

    I tagged in you in my latest blog!


  3. That hoodie is really damn cool. I want one too!!

    Have fun camping!

  4. aw thats awesome- hope yall have a great time!!!!

  5. LOOOOOOOOVE the "suspect your elders" photo!!!! so totally agree! wish that more people had the same sense. i get looked at like imma total bitch, i want my kids to know that you you earn someones respect.. it is not something just handed out. you should respect wisdom, not age!

    have fun a fun technology-free weekend!!!