Friday, June 11, 2010

All Over the Place

I think this little reminder is going to have to be for tomorrow. Today is a laaaaazzzzzyyyy day.

This is the new book that I am starting. It is the June book for my bookclub and I really don't know anything about it. I haven't even read the synopsis. I am just going to dive in and see what happens.
* I have talked to a few blog friends about maybe having our own book club. Is this something anyone would be interested in? If so, I will look up some recommended books, we can vote and then discuss the books. Maybe start out with a book that has discussion questions at the end until we get a feel for it. Let me know :) *

I am going to be watching this movie over the weekend. I think Return to Oz is so much darker and more delicious than the original Oz.

I signed up to take this free E-course at Visionary Mom. I am thrilled because I have been complaining about my lack of time management forever.
Check it out and sign up if you are interested. I think it is going to be pretty amazing.

I saw this on Wednesday with my mom and sister. So funny with a little bit of sad mixed in. Quotability is one of the best factors to determining a good comedy.My sister and I have been quoting it nonstop since we saw it, which is driving our dad crazy.

Happy Happy Friday! Josh has Sunday off and then he works every day for the next seven days :(


  1. Oh great! I was almost done with my comment and then it erased :(
    Anyways what I said was that this is why you are the cat's meow! This list is something that I need to tkae to heart these next few days.
    Also- Return To Oz is so fucking rad! I love the Shock Therapy and the radio and the roller guys and the harp that the queen with the interchangable heads and the green objects in that AMAZING room! Oh I could go on and on and on aobut that film! I also had the graphic novel. Plus Farizu Balk THAT young is kinda funny.
    I also really like Russel Brand. (I don't remember the last time I was in a theatre though!)
    Anyways your the best. *lovelove*

  2. So excited you found a book club!! YAY! :) I would totally be interested in a book club with you! And I have books I can share too! :)

  3. um i was totally going to use this space to shamelessly promote my blog seitani vegan heathen but i guess i will do it somewhere else. (:

    i love you katie, can i call you katie kickball like the girl from the vivian girls?

  4. I am so happy that you are interested in doing an art journal swap..It might just me the 2 of us if that is okay with you....Do you want to make recycled journals? I think that would be cool....Let me know what you think.....

  5. aw your poor hubby. :(
    that movie..get him to the greek looks kinda good! i really wanna see it! glad you didnt think it was horrible. i hate when you look forward to movies and they turn out to be a waste of money.
    hope your weekend was amazing!!