Sunday, May 16, 2010

If I had a bajillion dollars

If I had endless monetary resources...

Disclaimer: These are in no particular order, except that this is how I added the images, boobies obviously do not come before babies :) The list also doesn't include everything I would do, it's just for fun :)

I would travel wherever I wanted to go: Alaska, Australia, Tibet, Vatican City, Prague, Pennsylvania, California, Paris, Ireland, Egypt, Morocco...the list would go on and on. I would travel by air, rail, sea, car, RV, bike and my own two legs.

Concerts: I would just go to any show that struck my fancy. I love live music more than just about anything.

I would live completely off the, well water, wind generator, straw bale house, grey water reclamation, living roof, huge would be so magical.

Boobies, oh yes, I would get some new boobies. I am sure some of you moms know where I am coming from. I breastfed for 15 months, things just aren't the same after that. I used to say I just wanted them lifted, but I am pretty sure I would go for the whole
she-bang. I know it is so superficial, but I miss my old boobies.
I would take care of all the people that I love. I can think of nothing more rewarding than to take the burden of finances away from my parents. This is probably number two on my list after children.

I would have more babies, at least two. I don't know if they would be adopted or biological, whatever worked for my family. This is my number one dream, something I hope to make true regardless of having excess money.
The second part of this is that I would start a fund to help other people dealing with infertility. No one should be denied a family just because they don't have the money for IVF, IUI or adoption.

I would start a sanctuary to help with animal rescue, rehabilitation and care. This is number three in order of importance. There are so many little babies out there just waiting to be saved. We created most of the chaos and sadness that these animals deal with and we have a responsibility to fix it.
I would go to school and never ever stop. I could be a professional student for life. Outside of being a mom, being a student is what I do best.
Now, obviously I would do other things too, but most of those don't take lots of money and I will do them anyway. What would you guys do?
Happy Sunday!

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  1. I would get a tummy tuck!!! lol