Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

It time for another round of Wednesday Wishes! I love this feature :) I wish my love didn't have to work so much. Actually, I wish that he could make money and still be with us. John misses his daddy and I miss random conversations with my guy.

I wish I could put my finger down on a map and just go wherever it landed. I am not a big believer in being "called" to do something, but lately I have been reading all of these articles about families who just dropped everything to travel and explore. What a magnificent thing that must be to just make that jump and have an adventure. I think Josh, John and I may have to do that before it becomes too late.

I wish I was camping right this minute. We haven't been camping much in the last few years, but I know it is going to be incredibly fun to go with John. Plus, there is nothing like sitting by a hot fire :)

I wish Josh and I were still in ballroom dancing classes. Josh surprised me with lessons a few years ago. We had the most wonderful time, but it was soooo expensive. I can't wait until we have money again "someday" and we can take the lessons again.

I wish I had a delicious set of bedding. We have a pretty awesome comforter that was Josh's parents, but nothing matches it. We pretty much have the cheapest bedding possible. At least it is comfortable.
Is it wrong to wish for a blanket as hideous as this one? Sometimes it is so wrong it is just right.

I wish I had my very own library. Of course, if I had one I might become a hermit because it would be so hard to leave the room.
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In other news...I have a dinner date with Rikki from Seitanic Vegan Heathen tomorrow night. I am so so so excited! The only thing that could make it better would be for Courtney and Nick to be there too. Someday....
P.S. Thanks for all of the positive comments on my previous post. I made a list of goals today and really lived my day exactly as I had planned. I am going to sleep tonight feeling like I squeezed all the life out of this day. Aaaand, my mom is watching John all day tomorrow and tomorrow evening. I am going to spend the day doing things for myself and making plans, goals, schedules and dreams. It is a whole new me :)
Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. I'm totally with you- Nick and I don't always see each other (well, duh- he is back in Cali!) but we do talk on the phone and have silly conversations. I always wonder about the people that can drop everything and travel-where do they get the funds for that?! I don't even have the cash to fly out to see Nick...whatevs.
    So what's wrong with miss matched sheets? I love mismatched sheets- I have lime green sheets with yellow and pink plaid-ish pillowcases and orange and black covering over the whole thing...then again I'm all for color in any way.
    P.S. I wish Nick and I were going to have dinner with you ladies too! aww...makes me kinda sad.

  2. tonight is going to be super fun! I am dresing super cute just for you, I hope my Timmy doesn't get jealous! Are we both going to be super nerds and take photos? probably! (:

  3. I love all your wishes I wish I could just drop everything and travel also :D