Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have been doing a lot of swimming over at Grammy's house. John is doing so well and it is so much fun to play because he isn't scared of the water anymore :)

I am so beyond excited about my garden. We go out every day and water, weed and tinker. Josh is so good about turning the compost and keeping it wet. We are even going to order worms soon to help with the compost and soil. Everything is starting to grow fruit now, even eggplant!!! I can't believe I will soon have fresh veggies that we grew ourselves.

I am excited to start a new week and we have so much going on. I created a semi-structured schedule for this week and I am hoping it all works out. We have two playdates scheduled, which is awesome because John talks all the time about making new friends.
Speaking of John, here are some of the gems to come out of his mouth this week...
* He named his X-Files alien figure Ponky.
* He called his Pappy a ghetto least he isn't repeating all of the swears he hears from me :(
* He started saying Big, Brown Bahooky over and over again. (It's from some kids movie that Josh watched and then repeated to John)
I am going to watch a movie later tonight. I am thinking either Ponyo or The Year of the Dog. I have Precious being held at the library, but I don't think am in the appropriate frame of mind for that one. What are you all watching right now? Any good suggestions?
Happy Sunday!


  1. im so jealous of your garden!
    soon i will have one! i swear! :)

  2. Hey! :) Ok so the link for that online journal class I am taking is this~
    It started May 10th, but I think she has them a few times a year at least. Email me and I will tel you more about it!!
    Thank you for the letter this past week, my first ones were super lame I need to write more next time, so I will write you back this week!
    Have a great night!

  3. How EXCITING!! Your garden looks great :) How great will it be when you'll get to feed your family with the freshest foods! Congrats.