Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspired and Random

I don't know why I included the picture at the top of this post, I just like the quote. :)

I am feeling slightly yucky today. I have been having chest pains for a few days, so I finally went to the doctors today. I guess I have some inflamed cartilage or something like that. It is uncomfortable, but mostly it is just making me feel lazy. Since I am feeling pretty lazy, I think I need something to inspire me. Here is a little list of things that are inspiring me lately.

I adore H.R. Giger. I love that his art is dark and beautiful. I can look at things he has created for long periods of time and make up stories about what must be going on. I also just really love his use of greys and blacks.

I have been using a few Little Golden Books in my art journal. I love the way that they remind me of the books from my childhood and of the books that I read with John right now. I feel a little bad about tearing them up, but this way I can appreciate them in a whole new light.

I really dig anatomical drawings. They are so simple and still so intricate.

I am always inspired by people who speak their minds and don't really pay attention to what other people think. That is something that I have really been working on lately. I mean, what is the point of having someone like you but they don't like the REAL you?

Awesome music has really been inspiring me lately... M.E.N, Two Ton Boa, Evelyn Evelyn (thanks Courtney), and Rage Against the Machine have been on heavy rotation lately.

Also, Kellie just did a fun post with random facts equal to how old she is. She wants to see some other people's randomness and I am happy to oblige. So here are 29 random facts about me...
1. I used to say I wanted six legal names. I am pretty close because I have 5...Rachel Catlin Brown Nickeson Ventura. Yep, that is my full name, but I only go by Katie Ventura
2. I have a fear/distaste for moles. Not the kind that live in the ground, the kind on people's skin
3. My favorite movie as a kid was Rapunzel (the Faerie Tale Theatre version) but I was terrified of Gena Rowlands.
4. I have read The Stand at least 8 times
5. My mom used to tell me in high school that I would end up marrying Josh. I told her she was nuts, but she was clearly right
6. I feel like I may be the only person in the world who did not enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird
7. I used to have a poster of George Clooney as Batman in my room
8. Whenever we need to laugh, Josh and I retell funny stories about my poor stepfather
9. I have never seen Miracle on 34th Street, Citizen Kane or any of the Godfather movies
10. I had box seats to see New Kids on the Block as a kid
11. My refrigerator is in the same room as my bed
12. I want to name my daughter (when and if I have one) Frances, but Josh hates it. We mutually agreed upon Adia, but my mom hates it.
13. I pick my nailpolish
14. Clipping fingernails is my number one least favorite part of being a mother
15. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke, but when I got pregnant it made me want to puke. I still can't drink it.
16. I hate being hot, which makes AZ summers kind of a big bummer
17. I am the world greatest packer of moving boxes
18. We picked out our cat because she was the ugliest kitten at the pound. She ended up being super cute
19. Josh was my first serious boyfriend
20. I cried one year when Josh bought me tires for Christmas
21. I have never had a broken bone or a black eye
22. I hate to talk on the phone
23. I love raw sugar
24. I have a huge crush on Anderson Cooper
25. If I could watch America's Next Top Model all day, every day I would totally do it.
26. I used to want to be a lawyer
27. My dream car is an old Jeep Wagoneer with wood panelling
28. Tomatoes and bell peppers make me gag
29. I love the rain
Happy Tuesday!


  1. love the photos and your list!! im sooo glad you did it.
    i dont like to kill a mocking bird much either..and i just had to reread it a couple weeks ago so i could tutor for one of my youth kids. bleh
    ekk i hadnt seen godfather until this month and i looooove the 1st and 2nd. the boy refuses to watch the 3rd, he thinks itll suck, but im going to! i think you might like the first 2- theyre just long. we had to spread them apart (watch an hour a night ha)
    all the you and josh stories make me happy. sooo cute. question tho: when you got the tires and cried was it out of sadness or happiness? (ps i have a story to tell you!!)
    i wanted to be a lawyer for like a day and then my dad (who was one) told me he'd kill me. now, i work for them and im soooo glad i didnt pick that road. lol

    love you girlie!!! hope youre feeling better!

  2. holy cow I love Anderson Cooper. Tim used to get o jealous when I would watch 360. feel better soon!

  3. I want so badly to comment properly so please forgive me that I'm not back to myself yet.
    I DO want to tell you that I picked out Creep for exactly the same reason. She was just so fugly that I loved her hard. She turned out to be the bested mew mew ever! She loves sitting right on top of people and talks to people and it just plain rad.
    Oh I also designed a graphic for the Veganomicon cooking thingy that we talked about and I actually made something to contribute already. I suppose I should email you about it...ok I feel like I am going to pass out.
    hearts and stars!

  4. ive never seen the godfather movies either! i relly need to sit down and watch them.

    im glad you loved the wrapping on your book! i had so much fun wrapping it!
    i still havent sent out your letter, i am a bad blog friend/pen pal. i am sorry. dont hate me!