Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Clubs and Playgroups and Gaga...oh my

I have started heading in the right direction after my post about finding some things to help define myself and make me happy.
I have been looking at taking a class online, although I have found that aid may be an issue since I already have a degree. If I can't get any aid I will probably just save up a little money and take a class at the community college. I am not trying to get a degree, just looking to learn something new and stimulate my brain a little.
I made a dream list, a real one with a few big dreams that I usually wouldn't even allow myself to think about. This is actually a huge step for me.
I joined a playgroup for John and I. This may not seem like something that would help me, but I am actually really looking forward to it. I don't really have many real life friends and it can be very isolating being a stay at home mom. Since I don't go to church or work, there aren't a ton of opportunities to meet other people who are also stay at home moms. I know that this is going to give me an opportunity to come out of my shell, and a chance for John to interact with other kids so he doesn't turn out like me :)

I also applied to join a book club. I haven't heard back yet, but this is something I have been wanting to do FOREVER. As everyone knows, I am a big reader, but I don't have many people to discuss my books with. I am so excited to meet some people and really have a chance to dig into some books that I might not otherwise read.

I promise that this blog isn't going to become all about my self-improvement, but right now I am just very excited to start this new chapter in my life. I am really hoping that it is going to make me happier and more content.

On another note, did anyone else see that Lilith Fair got cancelled in Phoenix. I am so glad I got my Lady Gaga tickets instead. If I had missed out on Gaga I would have been pissed. As it was, I was not thrilled at the line up...the Go Go's and Miranda Lambert, BLAH. I love Sarah so much, but I could care less about the other acts. Anyway, I read that the show was cancelled because the Go Go's, specifically Belinda Carlisle, didn't want to play in AZ after the new immigration law was passed.
I really have mixed feeling about this. I am against this new law completely, but I feel like I am being punished for something that I didn't have a say in and that I don't support. I just wish people would realize that not all Arizonians are into discrimination.

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Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Monday.


  1. It is lonely being a stay at home mom I think the play group will be great!


  2. I sooooo wished we lived in the same state! We could take classes and you could join our book club~ And writing group! :) DANG!!
    Start your own if you don't hear back!! Seriously!! :)

  3. ok im going to apologize cause i know my reply is gonna be long! lol
    1. i think you should blog about your "self-improvement" i love hearing more about whats going on with you and how things in your life are going! if nothing else, write me in our pen pal letters about it! :)

    2.i dont think theres anything wrong with your son becoming more like you. you freaking rock katie! i wanna be more like you. i do know what you mean about feeling isolated tho. my sister is a stay at home mom and homeschools her kids. ekk

    3.join my book club!!! we can skype you in! and if nothing else you and i can just talk about the book! :) puh-puh-please??

    3. i think its TOTALLY awesome that youre going to lady gaga! i hope its a blast. that does suck about the other musicians pulling out. i mean, its the politicans that made that dumb law (and then passed it) not the citizens!!!!!

    loooooove you!

  4. I too have mixed feelings about this new law. It is ridiculous and uncalled for, but I am happy that people are protesting. I am glad that people are angry and voicing their opin ions and I am proud we live in a country where people can boycott, but then I am saddened by those who are suffering from all of this. The Hispanic culture that is going to be racially profiled (as if they weren't already) I feel horrible for the small businesses that are taking a hit for thus protesting. In a way, I think it is the citizens of Arizona and those small businesses and the Hispanic community that should be boycotting. We should refuse to pay our state taxes that go to fund Jan Brewer's salary. Sorry, but this really bothers me. We are all immigrants.