Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wishes and an awesome giveaway!!!

I know I say this every week, but I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. I only have a few wishes this week, 2 actually.

1. I wish I was less socially awkward. I am totally one of those people who gets nervous meeting new people and says stuff that is so dorky. Then I feel like I should never try to talk to the person again because they must think I am such a geek, and not a cool geek. I think that is part of why I like to blog so much. It is a safe sort of anonymity and I have a chance to get to know people slowly. Anyway, I wish I could just lighten up and have a better time.

My second wish is that I will complete all of my 30 before 30 goals. I was reading Kellie's blog and she posted her 23 before 23 goals, and it made me think of the ones I created on Saturday to complete before my next birthday. Here they are...

1. Go camping

2. Harvest our garden

3. Attend ThanksLiving

4. Lose 10 pounds

5. Go to a bar

6. Attend 3 protests

7. Get my nose pierced, finally

8. Go on an overnight trip with Josh

9. Potty train John

10. Get my Vegan tattoo

11. See the Nutcracker

12. Go to an outdoor concert

13. Plant a tree

14. Put all of my pictures in albums

15. Find a playgroup for John

16. Have a boardgame night with friends

17. Play in the rain

18. Go to the meditation class

19. Go to a roller derby

20. Find a place to volunteer

21. Color a whole coloring book.

22. Dye my hair three times

23. Go to the snow

24 Read at least 25 books

25. Organize my ipod

26. Repay a debt to my mom and stepdad

27. Scan all of my wedding pictures

28. Make 10 handmade items

29. Make a small blanket for John

30. Perform a random act of kindness

Thanks Kellie for the wishing inspiration!

Be sure to check out Courtney, Liz, Kellie and Tiffany's wishes this week!

P.S. I just got finished watching Religulous with Bill Maher. Has anyone else seen it. I am curious to know other peoples thoughts.
P.S.S. Miss Indie is having the most glorious giveaway EVER! She is giving 4 lucky winners 25 of her favorite things, and a handmade item from her awesome etsy shop. So umm, I would like to make my wish number three to be a winner of this giveaway :)


  1. I will go with you for the tattoo and piercing portion of your list. also i love to play scrabble! you are so not a dork,just a very sweet girl. we should do dinner at pita jungle with everyone you, your men, my man and me. I liked Religulous A LOT! I thought it was insane how people reacted when asked about their religion. One would think the people interviewed would respond with love and light instead of rage. Have a happy day and hopefully we will stop talking about getting together an actually do it. email me your info

  2. Mandys giveaway is awesome!!! oh and dont worry I am super awkward too lol

  3. I'm the same way with #1! All the cool kids are awkward. ;)
    Great list! I need to work on mine. I put your happy mail birthday cards in the mail today. I'm late, as usual. I'm sorry. =( But it just makes your birthday last longer! hehe
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!! xo