Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I don't even have enough energy to title this post :)

John started swim lessons at my moms house today. One of my moms friends teaches kids so will be coming over once a week for the next few weeks to teach John about swimming.

He loved it and I loved watching him learn something new. He did so well! However, if I am going to be in the pool on a regular basis I will probably need to invest in a legit bathing suit. I felt like a geek in boxers and a tank top :) Eh, on the other hand I will probably just save the money and keep looking like a bum.

My mom was in charge of taking photos and I guess her bird wanted in on the action :)

Yesterday we had coffee with some friends at this really cute local coffee shop. They have a big courtyard with shade to hang out in. We were the only ones there, so John and another little boy were running around playing. Right before we left I looked over to what John was doing, mind you I check him constantly because he is two and he is always getting into stuff. Somehow in the little period of time between eye contact he had unbuttoned his pants, pulled off his diaper and peed all over the chair and rocks. I was so mortified. Thank god no one was around to see my child acting like he was raised in a barn. He thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious, and I have to admit that some small part of me agreed, but the mom in me had to withhold laughter :)
Tomorrow I get an entire day with my mom. My birthday is Saturday, so we are celebrating that and mothers day with an awesome day together. We have no plans except to see Nightmare on Elm Street. I am really really really excited to have an entire day all to myself :)
I will see you tomorrow for Wednesday Wishes. Sorry my posts have been kind of blah lately. My insomnia is killing me, and the lack of sleep leaves me with very little brain power to do normal things :)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh you will have to tell me how NOES is, ive been wanting to see it!!!

  2. 1. I am crazy scared of birds so...yeah
    2. Your son is just practicing to be the nect GG Allin-how awesome is that?
    3. Where are you journal pages!?
    (oh yeah- I wanted to tell you that I often DO sleep in my scarfs and bandanas. I get lazy at night-I use it to hold my hair back when I wash up and instead of pulling it off I push it back down around my neck. Plus it acts as a 'neck guard' for my kitties who knead my neck with their claws in the middle of the night)