Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Wishes and some journal pages

Wednesdays are for wishing, so lets get to it :)

I wish that I had someone to make me delicious vegan cupcakes for my birthday on Saturday. I have no idea if the cupcakes in the picture are vegan, but they look scrumptious.

I wish I had a closetful of cute, light summer dresses to wear now that it is getting so hot. I am not really a shorts person, so I wear jeans almost all of the time. If I had some cutie dresses maybe I would be a little cooler.

I wish for my family to have tons of laughs and smiles this week. That happens pretty much every week, but we are hitting the terrible twos pretty hard right now, so I hope for more smiles than meltdowns.

I reserved I've Loved You So Long, with Kristin Scott Thomas, from the library but it isn't here yet. I wish I could watch it right now.

I wish it was still rainy and cold. I love winter and it is always over too soon.

Here are the latest journal pages that I have been working on. I think I may be a day or two behind because I have been working on a necklace and a mother's day gift, but I like what I have so far. I also did two more, but I am not crazy about them.

Happy Wednesday All! Don't forget to check out Courtney, Kellie and Liz's wishes :)
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  1. um...are you asking me to bake you cupcakes?

  2. Rikki - No, not at all :) I was more refering to the fact that my family doesn't know how to bake vegan style, and I wish they did so I could get some surprise treats :)

  3. Ha! Rikki is so funny- I was just thinking that she and I could mail you cupcakes- is that even possible?
    If it is man- that would be awesome!
    I love dresses but since people are weird about body hair I don't really wear anything sleeveless. For me it's all about t-shirts and skirts and some slip on shoesies (of course with a bandana-duh!).
    I hope that you have a great weekend! Take lots of photos.
    Oh yeah- and I am totally with you on the winter thing. Hot weather sucks- I just told Nick last night actually that I would rather have a Chicago winter that's twice as long if it meant that I didn't have to live through a Chicago summer any more!

  4. I love your journal pages!! It's so much fun looking at what everyoone comes up with!! so inspiring!

  5. if you change your mind about cupcakes let me know. i could whip up a batch tomorrow no problem!