Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Wishes Volume 3

1. I wish I could get out of my funk. I have not been feeling like myself lately, more like a grumpy/mopey version of myself. I have no real reason to feel this way but everything has me feeling blue. I had a long talk with my husband today and we have some ideas about what we need to do to fix all of this, but as with everything it is going to be a difficult road. I just need to remind myself that nothing worth having is ever easy and it will be worth it in the end. I don't know who said this, Dolly Parton maybe...who knows, but I like it anyway "if you want to see the rainbows you have to put up with some rain."

2. I wish I could buy tickets to Lilith Fair right this very second. I know Sarah will be there and that is enough for me, but as an added bonus Heart is playing some shows as well. I dig Ann Wilson and I'll bet she is phenomenal live.

3. I wish I had some really awesome blue nail polish. It's not in my budget right now to go out and buy any so it is going to have to remain a wish. So, until the perfect shade is mine I will have to be content looking at pictures like these...

4. I wish I could tell people what I really think and how I really feel. I hate confrontation so much that sometimes I just walk away when it would be better for everyone if I spoke up.

So those are my wishes for this week. Be sure to check out Kellie and Courtney's wishes too. They are always an inspiration for me.
Picture Sources: - Wednesday Wishes graphic from Courtney


  1. You should tell people what you really think and really feel. Im just starting to find my "inner gorilla" I like to call it :) Find your Inner gorilla!!! I know we dont know each other too well yet, but if you ever want to vent or just want to chat you can always email me :)
    Hope you have a great Thursday!!

  2. Katie- don't be sad. Remember that in addition to you family your gaining a whole new family here. We are open to hear anything you want to share, even it it is only in email and not posted.

    Also- I have that photo of the OPI Russian Navy Matte polish on my inspiration board. Plus it reminds me to use my matte polishes too. I think that my Ulta has the Essie Mint Candy Apple on clearance right now (which I think is the second photo) and I will try to snag one for you cause I *heart* you and you deserve a fancy new nail polish.

    Oh- and if you need advice on confrontation ask me- I can be pretty confrontational (or so I have been told, hehe)

  3. I gave you a blog award on my blog :D

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet comments ladies. I think things are going to get better soon, there is just so much going on for my little family and when I dwell on it it makes me get down. Then I stop to remember all of the good stuff and I am usually ok :)

    Lindsey, thank you so much for the blog award :) It made me smile to see my name up there with all of those other great ladies.

    Court, you don't have to buy me that nail polish. It is so nice that you even thought about it :)

    My bloggie friends are the greatest!