Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh Spring, How Do I Love Thee...

Let me count the ways :)
We have been having the most beautiful warm weather here in AZ. I know that everyone here is trying to squeeze all the outside time in that we can before is starts to get crazy hot. Luckily, we should still have some time left before it gets too bad.

In the meantime, my little family has been spending a TON of time outdoors. We live with my dad and he has about 3/4 of an acre, so we have a big backyard all to ourselves. John got some money for his birthday and we used a little bit of it to buy him a mini pool. We all sat outside and played in the water and just had a great time.

I was spraying the water up through the tramp. It was a mist and he was so impressed and excited.
He got it in his head to pour water on his Auntie, I didn't even put him up to it. Luckily, it was cooling her off so she benefited and he was happy. Of course, it made him giggle harder when she pretended it was too cold and squealed :)

Joy...that is really the only way to describe this picture.
By the end of our water time he was shivering so badly, but he cried and cried because he didn't want to go inside.
Stick around spring, I think you and I have something special :)


  1. oh my gosh!!! That looks like sooooo much fun!! i cant wait until the snow melts and the sun comes out so we can go out and play!!!! *jealous*

  2. Lucky...we have snow up here in Chicago. Still.
    We were teased with lovely weather for oh like two days and that was it!

  3. You should all come to AZ and stay with us in our teeny tiny house. It would be like summer camp :)