Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok, I know it seems like I watch a lot of movies, like a ton, and that is probably true. In my defense, I almost never just sit and watch a movie (which makes my husband a little crazy.) I am usually crafting or doing something similar while watching a movie, so it isn't a total waste of time :) And, I really like movies, so there :)

Anyway, tonight I watched Lars and the Real Girl. I expected it to be a silly, quirky movie. Instead it felt like so much more. It was a sweet, funny, touching, quirky movie. I don't really want to go into too many details, I never do. I think this is a movie where different people will probably get different things from it. I would recommend it though.

Also, John is sick again. He has been holding out for a while. He has had a runny nose for two weeks, but it took that long to turn into something. I am going to take him to the doctors tomorrow because he has a fever now. That always means he has an ear infection. It is so incredibly hard to see him sick all the time. I start to feel responsible, like I am doing something wrong. He has the healthiest diet of any child on the planet, but I can't keep him healthy. So as an extension to Wednesday wishes I would like to add the most important one of all...that John could stay healthy.


  1. I'm a total movie buff- and my roomie use to get pised at me for always having to multi-task during films. i just cant sit still though!!
    glad you liked this movie too- i really enjoyed it. a little sad, lots of funny and awkward- and just ....good!

    sorry that John is sick!!!! :(
    i hope he gets better asap!!

  2. I havent seen that on eyet! We are watching Couples Retreat tonight! yay! Hope John feels better!
    Oh and I have to be doing something while watching tv or a movie too, I seem so lazy if I dont >.<

  3. i still need to see that movie, hehe