Sunday, March 14, 2010

Randomness on a Sunday

John had another birthday party on Saturday and one more today. We had such a big busy weekend celebrating. He is so tired now that he is beyond tired. I don't think we are even going to do anything tomorrow, which is his actual birthday. We will probably just stay home and play all day while I reminisce about my two years with him.

Doesn't John look like he is trying to be suave in this picture. I think it is hilaaaarious!

He spent almost the whole party at his Mampa's on the trampoline with everyone. He loves to jump and run around, so this party was right up his alley.

Watching his dad mow the yard.

Today we took John to this tractor show out in AJ. It isn't something that I would normally be interested in at all. I am not really into farm equipment :) We had so much fun though. One of the guys who owned some tractors let John sit on his favorite, a "Johnny Popper." It was a blast to see all of these things through John's eyes. I loved it.


  1. yay we are pen pals(just got Kellie's pen pal list)!!!!!!! hip hip hooooray!!!!! :D