Thursday, March 25, 2010


No, I didn't become a pirate. The Arrrggg is my exhausted noise.
I just did Cardio X, which is a part of P90X and I am spent. Hopefully the exercise won't kill me :)


  1. oh, i've heard the P90X is very intense! i might have to give it a try--just walk/jogging isn't doing it for me. of course, if i made more of an effort to *not* eat bad foods it'd be easier. LOL
    i got your penpal letter last night! i was so excited!! i will be writing back within the next few days. i'm trying to find some supercute stationery. it's proving a harder task than i expected...

  2. Aww...but it would have been AWESOME if you became a pirate!

    Also, we should totally do a swap! I would love to make you a journal-It can have my Care Bear TTV Photo on it! hehe

    Also Also, I think tomorrow I will post about some of the music I'm into...and then update it with other people's choices/picks.

    I think that might be all the 'also's that I have for now!

  3. Congrats on being hardcore with your workouts!! Feel the burn!!