Monday, March 8, 2010

Giveaway for MS awareness at Inspired Mess v.2

Jamie at 'Inspired Mess' is doing a giveaway to increase awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. I did not know much about this disease before I started reading Jamie's blog. She is doing wonderful things to try and help people understand a little bit about what it must be like to live with MS. Obviously, anyone without MS can never truly understand, but I am thankful that Jamie is letting us see a little bit into what daily life is like for her as a person with MS.

update: 3/9/10 - There is now a second giveaway that includes more information, including a video with Montel Williams, who has MS. Check it out.

So please, go over and check out 'Inspired Mess' and maybe even have a chance to win some beautiful orange goodies. :)

Click on the link here to go right to her MS awareness week post.

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  1. i love her blog- she seems like such an amazing lady, you both do!!!!

    and hey, i saw that you wanted to participate in the pen pal thing, not sure if you tried to email me you info, but i havent gotten it, so just wanted to make sure that it wasnt my computer acting up. so glad you want to join!!!!! :)

    -kellie (from