Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I Love Right Now...

I didn't do very much today. John came home from his grandmothers, minus most of his hair, but that is another story. I just wanted to be with him and enjoy his company for the day so we spent almost the whole day playing in the back yard.

Since I don't really have any excitement to share, I figured I would share some of my favorite things right now.

I love the color orange, it makes me happy. Aside from being orange, there is something about this door that peaks my interest. The hard wear is beautiful, the woodwork is beautiful, it is just so...beautiful :) I have always wanted a house with a colored front door. I have always thought it would be red, but now I am thinking that orange would suite my family so much better.

This quote. You know those moments when everything in your world is exactly as it should be, only you aren't really thinking about it because you are totally consumed by the moment. Everything you see, everything you hear, smell and taste. Everything you feel. It is all exactly as you'd imagine. You can't explain them or plan for them, and they are infuriatingly rare, but they are what heaven must be made out of. This quote just describes those moments perfectly.

source unknown

How quotable is this movie... "just an FYI, I have kicked wholesale ass for a lot less than that." It kills me every time. And it doesn't hurt that Woody Harrelson is so cute. I remember loving him on Cheers.

source just tastes like summer in a glass.

source unknow

Atlas Shrugged. Always has been and probably always will favorite. I hadn't read it in years, but it still manages to touch all the right nerves. I have never read a book that gets me so aggravated and excited and passionate.
Smooching. Enough Said.

Well, I should be reading or creating something. I haven't done anything crafty since my sisters bag, which was last Tuesday. I have been feeling so uncreative lately, but my heart is telling me that I need to make something. I wonder what it will be.

ps, I have three more pen pal letters to write. I am having so much fun :)


  1. Awesome post! I'm a sucker for list-like posts. I have one coming soon that will also address that whole makeup/girl 101 thing. I laughed so hard when I read that. Your so funny.
    I *heart* orange
    I *heart* TPOBAW
    I *heart* zombies
    I *heart* lemonade (homemade!)

    ...sometimes I wonder what the hell else we could possibly have in common, or rather it might be easier to see what we don't!

    Pssst....word nazi alert: Piqued not Peaked. Sorry- I know I am a jerk about words. We have grammar fights at my house. We are what you would call 'total dorks'

  2. Shoot, when I wrote peaked I was like, "this doesn't look right." Oh well, thanks for correcting me grammar nazi hahahahaha.

  3. ahh!! I just watched Zombieland the other day an LOVED it!!! It was so funny!! yay for almost being finished with pen pal letters, I finished mine this weekned then decided to write "love" letters to other friends lol. My poor hand :(

  4. yay!~ i still have some pen pal letters to write too. and i got yours :) yay!!
    i havent seen zombieland, but since you and lindsay seemed to enjoy it, i think i might need to check into it more.
    and orange...i loove orange!! happy monday!!!

  5. I got your letter today! Thanks! I'm bad, I've only sent one letter out because I only had one stamp & have yet to get some more. :/
    I'll try to write you back soon!
    xoxo, Katie

  6. that lemonade looks fantastic, and you gotta love smooching!!