Friday, March 5, 2010

We went to my moms house on Tuesday or Wednesday, for some reason I can't remember which one. I took this picture of her crazy bird, Bellagio. It's not a good picture or anything, but I figured you might want to get a visual picture of a creature who yells "Mother F-er" every time I come into the house. I didn't teach him to say it, but my laughter seems to encourage him to do it. When he came to live with my mom, he was already trained to do say it, and by the way, he doesn't say the edited version. Sooo, my juvenile antics prevent my mom from being able to train him away from being a dirty bird. hahaha
When we got home from my moms I was looking for something in a cabinet in my dads entertainment center. I lifted a small box and came across this beauty. It is a camera that my dad got when he was stationed in Thailand in the early 70's. He still has the flash and everything. I haven't been able to get out and get any film, so I don't know if it works. Even if it just ends up being eye candy on my craft table, I am still super super excited!

Yesterday we took John to the park. I read about this park in Chandler that has a bunch of equipment and play areas made from recycled goods. That was exciting to me, but what really drew me in was this baby.

So cool, even though my phobia of heights prevented me from getting up to the top.

And, they were doing construction on the playground, so John got to see some tractors. It was his version of heaven, I'm sure.
Just Because...


  1. Aww! When I first first first got into photography in grade school my very first camera was a Yashica. If you have film laying around you must try it out, If not I am pretty sure that I have a few rolls of 35mm lying around here somewhere-though it would no doubt be expired. But hey! that results in some amazing photos. Yashicas are pretty great camera's for 35mm, heavy and durable. Great Score from the family!

  2. That bird is crazy! haha.

    And those things are the park are so interesting...I would have be scared to climb to the top too! :)