Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan Eatin',Radicalness, and one of my tattoos

Courtney asked me what we ate at Green (my fave vegan place) when we went on Saturday. I took a few pictures while we were there, so I will share those along with the menu.
I got a mock chicken Parmesan sandwich with Daiya cheese. It tastes just like what I remember chicken tasting like, but better because it isn't really chicken :) The fries there are so delicious. They are crispy but not too crispy and have some kind of seasoning that is mouth watering.
As I said, we went back later in the evening for dinner. I know... I am considering attending some kind of meeting to help with my addiction. Anyway, I just got appetizers but it was like a full meal. I had pablano hummus and pita chips AND eggless rolls.
Joshua got the spicy chicken sandwich and fresh fruit. You know how when you go to chain restaurants and get fruit you end up with a half frozen melon medley? Well not here. He got organic blueberries, pineapple, red pears, mango and strawberries. So happy to be spending the day together and pigging out

I got two pen pal letters today! Thanks so much to Courtney and Lindsay. Writing these letters might become my newest addiction.
I love this shirt. I got it at the Kathy Griffin show, which was fabulous. It makes me laugh to see the reactions that I get in my conservative town.
Kellie asked me about my foot tattoo in one of her comments. I don't really have very many pictures that show it well, but here is one that is semi-decent. I love this tattoo so much. It really does make me happy every time I see it, which is the point, isn't it?

This was the inspiration
That is it for me tonight. I have to go do a workout with my husband. P90X to be exact, blech. I hate working out.
Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. yay!! So glad you got my card!!!! Love your tatoo, very pretty!!! That food looks amazing, I am sooo hungry now!

  2. Hey- I posted a comment and now it's not showing up!
    I guess it's for the better 'cause it was sooo long!
    Either way I love your posts like this; I just love getting to know you more and more.

    P.S When I was in Holly wood every place we went I ordered vegan chicken. It was sooo good in California!

  3. Katie, thank you so much for your sweet letter, I received it in the mail today and was so excited to read more about you! It looks like you and your hubby had a great time at the restaurant, everything looked SO yummy too!