Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drop Dead Fred

Well, this post isn't about Drop Dead Fred, per se, more just about imaginary friends. John has found himself a nice little imaginary friend named Garret. He got the name from a tractor video he saw on youtube with my dad. All day yesterday John and Garret ran around and played. He doesn't have conversations with his "friend" but he will tell me all about what Garret is doing.
As a child, I never had an imaginary friend, although I kind of always wanted one. So I am totally fascinated watching John play with this little person that he has built entirely in his mind. I love love love that he is using his imagination so fully.
I just hope that he Garret doesn't try to get John to shave our cat or play cat burglars like Fred :)


  1. Mario is part of our family. But he also has homes in Vegas and San Diego. He drives a motorcycle to school. If you ask Grayson to describe him, he sounds very familiar...
    suspenders with a red hat and a big M on it. :)

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see how amazingly creative he will be when he is older! I hope you are writing about the adventures so you can share them with him later on (though he may deny ever knowing him then!)
    Either way you guys are awesome and sound like you have so much fun every day.

  3. hehe...that would be such a cute sight to watch!
    Love that movie, but you are right, I hope Garrett is much more well-behaved!