Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things I Am Thankful for This Week

Wow! I really think that my list could go on and on and on...
1. Josh had three full days off and spent them all with John and I. We went to the museum, the LEGO store, the mall, the piercing place, played in the mud, watched movies, dreaded my hair, ate at our favorite restaurant...Whenever I get to spent lots of time with my husband it reminds me of why I love him so much and why I chose him to be my best friend.
2. We had a ton of rain last night and we could hear it banging on the windows.
3. I am so thankful that I feel like the way I look on the outside is starting to feel like an expression of who I am on the inside. I don't want to look like everyone else, I want to look like a person that has a free spirit and a little spunk. I feel like my new dreads (which aren't completely finished) help me express that a little.
4. We had the house to ourselves for a few days. When you live with other people it can be such a relief to have some breathing room for a little while.
5. John and I had an awesome dinner with my favorite sister in law and her boyfriend, my mother in law and brother in law. It was a nice couple of hours and John was so happy to see everyone.

I know i need to post some pics soon. I have totally been neglecting my camera and the ones I have taken still aren't on my computer.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm glad you said "dreading" and not what I accidentally saw when I first glanced down the page. Dredging. I couldn't understand why you needed to dredge your hair and I was a little scared there was going to be some weird hair recipe...

  2. im glad that you had such a great weekend!! life gives us times like those when we need them most! cant wait to see the hair!!